Life Lessons: 3 Bad Habits Responsible for Mayor Rob Ford’s Recent Fall

To many in the world, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford appears to be unraveling before our eyes. The truth is, his bad daily habits have been accumulating for years like snowflakes on a mountainside. It is only recently that those snowflakes turned into an avalanche of problems for the Mayor.

Hi, my name is Tom Corley. I am an expert on habits. My #1 bestselling book, Rich Habits – The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, is the byproduct of five years of study on the daily habits of 233 wealthy people and 128 poor people.

Our daily habits determine our success or failure in life. The benefits of good daily habits accumulate over time and we are rewarded for these good daily habits in the form of valuable relationships, career success, financial success and good health. The detriments of bad daily habits also accumulate over time and we are punished for these bad daily habits in the form of damaged relationships, career failure, financial ruin and poor health.

I uncovered ten Keystone Habits that are responsible for creating a happy, successful life. I call these the Rich Habits. Conversely, there are certain Keystone Habits that are responsible for creating an unhappy, unsuccessful life. I call these Poverty Habits. Everyone, rich or poor, has Rich Habits and Poverty Habits. The key to happiness and success in life is to make sure that more than 50% of your daily habits are Rich Habits. This tips the scales towards a happy, rich life. When more than 50% of your daily habits are Poverty Habits, life will be an unhappy, financial struggle.

I’ve identified three core Keystone Poverty Habits that are destroying Rob Ford’s life. Here they are:

Poverty Habit #1 – Unhealthy Living

Rob Ford is overweight. 70% of weight gain is caused by overeating and 30% is caused by not getting enough daily aerobic exercise. Ford is clearly overeating and not doing enough daily aerobic exercise. Daily aerobic exercise is a Keystone Rich Habit. Those who engage in it to lose weight and stay healthy generally alter their eating habits and try to avoid anything that is unhealthy. The daily aerobic exercise Rich Habit, for example, will cause individuals to stop overeating (Poverty Habit), reduce their consumption of junk food (Poverty Habit), stop or reduce consumption of cigarettes (Poverty Habit) and stop or reduce consumption of alcohol (Poverty Habit) and drugs (Poverty Habit). If Ford engaged in the aerobic exercise Rich Habit he would eliminate many of the Poverty Habits that contributed to his downfall, such as smoking crack and drinking in excess.

Poverty Habit #2 – Speaking Your Mind

One of the unique discoveries I made in my study was that wealthy people do not speak their mind. They do not allow every thought that comes into their head to come out of their mouth. They do this because they are obsessed with developing strong, long lasting, valuable relationships. Saying what’s on your mind can have the unintended consequence of offending some of those relationships you value and need. Ford’s public tirade, laced with profanities, gave the public a glimpse of a Poverty Habit many in Ford’s life have had to deal with for many years. Ford has struggled with relationships his entire life and one reason is this Speak Your Mind Poverty Habit he has.

Poverty Habit #3 – Anger

Anger is one of the most costly emotions. Uncontrolled anger is a Poverty Habit. Controlling your anger is a Rich Habit. Successful, wealthy people control their anger. Poor, unsuccessful people do not. Uncontrolled anger damages relationships, can cost you money and worst still can put you behind bars. Many sitting in jails around the world are there because of uncontrolled anger. Ford has had a history of losing his temper and unleashing it in tirades laced with obscenities.

The good news is that Mayor Ford can eliminate these Poverty Habits in 30 days or less by adopting just two Rich Habits.

  1. 20-30 minutes a day of aerobic exercise
  2. Consciously controlling his anger

If Ford adopted these two Rich Habits he would eliminate most of the Poverty Habits that caused his recent downfall. If he continues to allow his Poverty Habits to control his life they will eventually destroy his health and his career.  Since Poverty Habits are typically generational, his children will very likely adopt some or all of Ford’s Poverty Habits. If Ford adopts these two Rich Habits he will not only be preserving his health and his career but, better still, he will be passing on to this children these Rich Habits, making their lives happier and more successful.

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