CNBC Article on the Habits of High Achievers

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The top 10 most common habits of high achievers


Habits That Boost Performance


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AJ Marsden is an assistant profession of Human Services and Psychology at Beacon College. She is also a performance expert.

According to her research, performance begins to deteriorate after 50-60 minutes of continuous work. After such time, we begin to daydream and lose focus.

When you multitask, however, performance decline accelerates. The brain fatigues rapidly during multitasking.

This deterioration in the brain’s ability to focus after performing tasks is known as decision fatigue.

Decision fatigue occurs when our willpower reserves run dry. When willpower is low, we lose focus, our ability to concentrate is impaired and decision-making goes off the rails. And this is when mistakes happen.

Since we find ourselves in a culture which promotes multitasking, it is critical that we forge habits that help us restore our willpower reserves in order to avoid making mistakes that will cost us time and money:

  • Taking regular breaks restores willpower.
  • Napping, restores willpower.
  • Going for a short walk, restores willpower.
  • Closing your eyes and resting for ten minutes, restores willpower.
  • Eating carbs, restores willpower.
  • Exercise, restores willpower.
  • Listening to calming music, restores willpower.
  • Prayer and meditation, restores willpower.

High performance achievers build into their life daily habits which restore willpower so they can maintain their focus and concentration.

The Most Powerful Poverty-Destroying Habit


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40%, or more, of your daily activities are habits. That means that 40% of the time you are on auto pilot.

Now this is good thing if you have good daily habits but this is a bad thing if you have bad daily habits.

The key then is to forge good habits which, behind the scenes, meaning automatically, produce a happy, successful life. [Read more…]

The 1% Will Always Control the Wealth – And Here’s How They Do It

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I just finished reading a recent article complaining about the rich. The author was upset at the fact that 1% controlled 82% of the wealth in the world. In the author’s mind, there was something inherently unfair about this. The author, like many who are not in the 1%, felt that the wealth the 1% created didn’t necessarily belong to them and offered government solutions to cap or redistribute the wealth of the rich.

It’s true. One percent do control 82% of the wealth. And the top 1% will always control most of the wealth until the other 99% figure out how the 1% go about cultivating wealth.

So, how do the 1% cultivate wealth? [Read more…]

Failure in Motion – The Demise of Facebook Right Before Our Eyes

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It’s hard to watch an individual or company fail.

When you study success and failure for as many years as I have, seeing failure in motion is a painful thing to witness.

For years I have been watching my favorite bookstore, Barnes and Noble, fail. Their path to failure has been so obvious to me, it hurt.

First, their fast asleep management did not see Amazon coming, until it was too late. Amazon very quickly gained control of the on-line book retail sector, while B&N was expanding their footprints in malls and colleges around the world, oblivious to what was going on within their very own industry.

Second, their business model attached itself to the hip of traditional publishers, ignoring the rapidly expanding self-publishing industry, which Amazon happened to be embracing.

B&N hasn’t gone under yet. It is desperately pivoting, shifting its focus away from bricks and mortar and to online sales. It is also playing catch up with Amazon by selling more and more books from self-published authors, both on-line and in its retail outlets. But the damage has been done and, I believe, failure is just a question of when, for B&N.

In hindsight, it’s easy to play the Monday-morning quarterback and criticize companies for their historically bad business decisions. It’s quite another thing, a great skill in fact, to identify failure as it is happening. And right now, we are witnessing failure in motion – at Facebook. [Read more…]

Live Rich Habits Training – I Want to Hear From You – Update 3/19/18

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Over the years, I’ve received thousands of emails from readers, many clamoring for live Rich Habits training sessions.

Since I completed my Rich Habits study in 2008, my focus has really been to help as many people as possible by getting my research out there through my writing (books/blog), media interviews and speaking engagements.

However, I recognize there is only so much I can cover through those mediums. With the live Rich Habits training, I can cover far more material, in more depth and, thus provide more value to those who are passionate about transforming their lives. Plus, it allows me to meet my readers face to face.

I am, therefore considering conducting a limited number of Rich Habits training sessions, beginning in the summer of 2018.

Preliminary Information:

  • Cost $295 per attendee.
  • Limited to 100 attendees.
  • For 2018, I will probably do four sessions covering the most significant and influential portions of my research.
  • Each session will be about four hours in the morning on a Saturday, somewhere in New Jersey. The first session will likely be sometime in August.
  • Free attendance for individuals who get 3 others to attend. If 3 is too high a bar, please let me know.

If you think you might be interested in attending, please email me at: TOM@RICHHABITS.NET

3/19/18 Update

I received several emails from individuals who wanted to know if they could blast this training email to their contacts in an effort to get friends/contacts/work colleagues to attend. Yes, that would be great. I was thinking along these lines re: invitees:

  • 25% Discount to you if you bring one attendee.
  • 50% Discount to you if you bring two attendees.
  • Free if you bring three attendees.

Let me know your thoughts.

3/14/18 Update

To date, I have received about 60 emails from readers who said they were interested in attending.  Thanks for your email responses. Some of you have indicated that you would prefer a webinar format. That may be a separate platform I adopt in the future. The downside with webinars is the loss of valuable networking opportunities that live, face to face training events provide. The self-made millionaires in my study built strong relationships with other success-minded individuals and that is one of my objectives with the live, face to face training. The relationships, I am certain you will make at the live training events, will be invaluable. They will help move you forward in the pursuit of your dreams, goals, future success and in building your wealth.

I will continue to run this post over the next few months. Hopefully, we can get 100 confirmations, in which case I will move forward with the training in 2018. It would be nice to get to meet my readers face to face. Hope to hear from you.


Only 4% of Poor People Become Rich

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In my Rich Habits Study, 41% of the self-made millionaires I interviewed came from poverty. Conversely, 66% of the poor people I interviewed, came from poverty.

While those stats are revealing, they didn’t answer one question which has constantly plagued me –

Out of the entire population of poor people, how many actually become rich?

So I sought out some credible, third party data. In a 2013 Pew Charitable Trust Report on income mobility, I found the answer: [Read more…]

Daily Habits That Increase or Decrease How Long You Live

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For those who follow me on social media, read my books, watch, read or listen to my media interviews, you know there are habits that can make you rich and habits that can make you poor.

But did you also know that your daily habits can have a profound effect on how long you live? [Read more…]

67% of Americans Have No Life Plan

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According to a November, 2017 survey of 1,000 Americans by DHM Research, only 33% of Americans have a life plan.

Why is this significant?

According to my research, having a life plan, dramatically improves your chances of becoming rich.

In fact, 82% of the self-made millionaires in my study had a life plan.

Those self-made millionaires created their life plan through a process I call Dream-Setting. [Read more…]

New U.S. Tax Bill – Everything You Need to Know in Simple English

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I’ve completed my Review of the new U.S. tax bill, knows as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Here’s a run-down of the most important items. [Read more…]