Act on Your Dreams and Life Will Reward You with Abundance

Human beings are the only species on earth who have the innate ability to convert thought into substance. We think intangible things and we create tangible works of art. The Brooklyn Bridge, the Eiffel Tower, and the Burj Khalifa. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world at 2,717 feet. It is 644 feet taller than the 2nd tallest building in the world. Its height pierces the cloud barrier. It rises above the clouds. Towards heaven. What is our limit? None. Human beings are the most amazing species to inhabit the earth. We are in many respects…. godlike. 

We dream. We dream amazing dreams. We create amazing things from those dreams. We make the impossible possible from those dreams. And here’s the thing. We are all, all of us, endowed with this innate genetic ability to create something out of nothing. There is no limit to our capacity to create, except our imagination and the limiting beliefs accepted by us. 

I am in awe of my fellow man. I believe there is no limit to our capacity to do great things. And yet there are those who would have you believe that poverty is a fact of life. Don’t believe it. Poverty is a state of mind. It is a negative state of mind. It is a contrived existence foisted upon us by other humans, cursed with limiting beliefs.

It was not intended for humans to be poor, to struggle financially or to live a life of quiet desperation. We exist to be great, to achieve great things. It is within our genetic makeup to create, to produce, to innovate and to learn from our mistakes. We were intended to live a life of abundance and to achieve happiness. Each one of us was born with this unusual ability to create. This mandates that we dream big dreams. 

Life is a funny thing. When we pursue our dreams, life places obstacles in our way and we say, why? Life makes our path seemingly impassible and we ask, why? Life puts our backs against the wall and we scream, why? Here’s my answer to the why. Life forces all dreamers to persist. Persistence sharpens us. It enables us to overcome future obstacles more easily. Life isn’t working against us – it’s working for us. Every obstacle is an education. Every obstacle forces us to evolve. Every obstacle makes us more perfect.

As many of you already know, I am on a mission to end poverty. I believe poverty to be a human deficiency. No one has to be poor. Poverty is manmade. There is a creative genus inside each one of us. Each one of us has been endowed with the godlike creative genius to solve all the world’s problems. It is a gift bestowed upon all. Rich or poor. Healthy or disabled. We all posses this endowment. I dream of a world where no individual is enslaved by the belief that we are limited in any way. We are not. I created the Rich Habits so all humans could walk in the footsteps of other successful humans. I created the Rich Habits so all could learn from the successful who came before us. We live in the most amazing country the world has ever known. The American Dream is not just a dream for Americans. It is a dream for all of mankind. It screams to the world, we can! We all can!


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