Habits Transformed David Wright into a Baseball Legend

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Wright stuff: Mets captain drives in 4 in Game 3 win over Royals

That was one of the many headlines after last night’s Met’s victory over the Kansas City Royals. It was an epic breakout performance by the team’s Captain, David Wright. But it’s been a long haul to get to this point. What made last night possible for David Wright was something I’ve been writing about for the past seven years.

“It’s just been part of the routine I go through, the things that I have to do. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.” David Wright October 30, 2015

Those were his words uttered after a storybook ending to last night’s Met’s victory in game three of the World Series. David Wright’s habits led him to this moment.

“Just like today,” his manager Terry Collins said. “The game is at 8 o’clock tonight and I’m here at 11:15. 11:45, David walks in, just to get himself ready. But he just knows he’s got to do it. So he’s in here and he does it.”

David Wright has spent twelve seasons, 1,546 games and nearly 7,000 trips to home plate, honing his habits. He has a near obsessive dedication to weight training and proper nutrition. The results speak for themselves—Wright has a career batting average of .305 and has hit at least 25 home runs in all but one of his Major League seasons. From the very mouth of David Wright, his family and teammates, let’s take a tour of some of the Rich Habits that have transformed him into a baseball legend:

Rich Habit #2 – Dream-Setting and Goal-Setting: I Will Set Goals For Each Day, For Each Month, For Each Year and For the Long-Term. I Will Focus on My Goals Each and Every Day

“I wanted to finish what I started and I wanted to be around for times like this,” Wright said. “That’s the main goal, having gone through the times we’d been through to be around for when this thing turns and gets going in the direction we’re heading now.

Rich Habit #3 – Daily Self-Improvement: I Will Engage in Self-Improvement Each and Every Day

“I’ve always believed that if I put the work in every day, it pays off.”

Rich Habit #4 -Good Health: I Will Devote Each and Every Day to Caring For My Health

“I’ve realized that I can’t put the same kind of foods I put into my body when I was younger. If you put the wrong foods in your body, you feel sluggish the next day. It’s important to fuel your body the right way. I’m a huge creature of habit when it comes to my workouts. In the last four or five years, I could probably count on one hand how many workouts I’ve missed.”

Rich Habit #6 – Everything in Moderation: I Will Live Each and Every Day in a State of Moderation

“It’s important for me to do everything in moderation.”

Rich Habits #10 – Positive Mental Outlook: I Will Control My Thoughts and Emotions Each and Every Day

“David is an eternal optimist, and whether he was instilling false hope in himself, I don’t know. I never once in his entire career heard him say, ‘This isn’t going to be the year.’ David Wright’s father, Rhon Wright

“This guy’s the most down to earth superstar you’re ever going to meet.” Fellow teammate, Lucas Duda.


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