Here’s Why Scouts Are More Successful in Life

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The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts may be on to something big. They follow one of the most powerful success principles that I uncovered in my five-year Rich Habits Study.

In my study, I identified three groups of self-made millionaires:

Entrepreneurs, Executives and Savers.

By far, the wealthiest in my study happened to be Entrepreneurs, with an average net liquid wealth of $7.4 million, which they accumulated over an average of twelve years. They accumulated twice the wealth in half the time of the Executives and Savers.

Why were the Entrepreneurs able to accumulate so much more wealth and why did it take them so much less time?

Entrepreneurs are experimenters. They experiment with different activities until they find one they are good at or passionate about.

Experimentation exposes your calling in life – your life’s purpose.

When you discover your calling in life, you come alive inside. You find yourself wanting to engage in an activity all the time. As a result, you spend much more time engaging in the activity, and as a result, become an expert in it.

What does this have to do with the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts?

Becoming an Eagle Scout is the highest achievement or level one can reach as a Boy Scout. Only 4% of Boy Scouts become Eagle Scouts.

In order to become an Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts must obtain a minimum of 21 merit badges.

A merit badge represents one of 135 diverse activities a scout must engage in in order to receive a badge.

Here are a few examples of the merit badge activities offered by the Boy Scouts:

Business, Cooking, Dentistry, Entrepreneurship, Genealogy, Law, Journalism, Nuclear Science, Public Speaking, Robotics, Salesmanship, Space Exploration and Veterinary Medicine.

As you can see, many of these Scouting activities can be monetized, meaning they can become a career or profession that produces income.

Some of the most successful historical figures were Eagle Scouts:

  • Sam Walton – Founder of Walmart
  • Gerald Ford – President of the U.S.
  • Steven Spielburg – Filmaker (Star Wars)
  • Bill Gates – Founder of Microsoft
  • Neil Armstrong – Astronaut who became the first man on the moon
  • Ross Perot – Billionaire Founder of EDS and one-time Presidential Candidate

A nationwide study conducted by Baylor University found that Eagle Scouts were more likely to:

  • Achieve personal, professional and financial goals in life.
  • Become leaders in society.
  • Leave their mark on society through their life achievements.

The Girl Scouts have their own version of the Eagle Scout called the Gold Award.

The Girl Scouts Gold Award website touts the achievements of its Gold Award achievers:

“Gold Award Girl Scouts do well in life! They rate their general success significantly higher than their peers and report greater success in reaching their goals in many areas.”

And they have their own Who’s Who list of famous recipients.

Those who succeed in life and become millionaires all have one thing in common – at some point during their lives they discover an innate talent or something that makes their heart sing and then devote their lives to that one thing.

They find their main purpose in life by experimenting with diverse activities until they discover one that they are good at or love doing. They then spend their entire lives engaged in that activity, practicing it, perfecting it, and eventually becoming an expert in it.

When you become a recognized expert in anything, you get paid more and you are able to therefore accumulate more wealth.

Experimentation reveals your calling in life – an innate talent or a passion. When you find the thing you were supposed to do, life rewards you twice. The first reward is happiness and a sense of fulfillment. The other reward, wealth, is just icing on the cake.

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