Why Intuition Does not Work for 95% of the Population

Intuition is that little voice inside our heads that tells us to do things or warns us against doing things. Some call it a gut feeling. Decision makers ask if they can sleep on it and give an answer in the morning. We are told by experts in psychology, self help or neural linguistics programming to learn to trust that voice inside our head. To learn to listen to it. The problem is, intuition does not work. It fails to help almost everybody. Oftentimes that little voice inside our heads is sending us off a cliff.


Intuition only works when you are functioning from a positive mindset. Unfortunately, most people are functioning from a negative mindset. We are all raised in a negative world. Our parents taught us to be afraid, cautious and on the lookout for danger. They did this to protect us. But they also taught us some other negative things such as fear and envy. For most, our early lives were filled with “no’s” and “don’ts” and “cant’s” and all sorts of negative programming. “No you can’t have that toy we don’t have the money.” “Don’t play with matches you’ll get burned.” “We can’t go to Disney like Ryan’s family because we’re not rich like them.” “Look both ways before crossing the street or you’ll get hit by a car.”  “Eat your food, there are people in Africa starving right now.” And if that isn’t bad enough, when we were old enough to go to school we were taught that mistakes were bad. In fact, we were punished for our mistakes and failures by receiving bad grades.

All this negative programming filled us with fear, worry, doubt, anxiety, jealousy and envy. And it stayed with most of us for our entire lives; embedded deep in our subconscious mind, guiding us, directing us, controlling us. We avoid taking risks out of fear of physical danger and because we were conditioned that mistakes and failure were bad. We envy what others have because growing up most of our families did not have as much as some other families. These were limiting beliefs that were embedded in our minds as children and stayed with us through our adult lives. This, unfortunately, is most of the population. This is also the poor and struggling middle-class.

All this negativity, this fear and envy, are like mini computer programs that have been fed into our subconscious mind since childhood. The subconscious takes this programing and then goes about looking for ways to help us get more of the negative things we constantly think about. It starts whispering in our ears, advising us, guiding us in an effort to give us more of what we think about. When we are in a negative, fearful and envious state, that voice inside our heads, our intuition, is telling us to do things that will keep us poor, worried and jealous of others. It is directing us toward unhappiness and failure. For most, intuition simply does not work to improve our lives and we should ignore that voice inside our head.

In order to get the voice inside our heads working, to help us become happy and successful in life, we need to shift to a positive, grateful and optimistic mindset.


Here are some strategies to reprogram your subconscious and erase those limiting beliefs that are holding you back in life from unlimited success and happiness:

  • Use daily affirmations to express gratitude for every thing you have or receive in life.
  • Create a Victory Log to list all of your successes in life, no matter how big or small.
  • Reward yourself every time you do something positive and productive or realize some goal.
  • Write a ten-year future letter to yourself describing your ideal life and the amazing things you’ve accomplished and accumulated over the past ten years.
  • Stop negative thoughts and negative emotions in their tracks and replace them with positive thoughts and positive emotions through the use of affirmations.
  • Set goals; big ones and small ones.
  • Adopt one good daily habit every three months.
  • Create a Vision Board tied to your ten-year letter.

When we shift our thinking from negative to positive by being grateful, optimistic and positive, the subconscious looks for ways to help us get more of the positive things we are thinking about. It starts to whisper things in our ears that are directing us toward happiness and success. Then it’s time to listen.

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