Poverty Parenting Tips From Ray Donovan

Watching Showtime’s Ray Donovan is like a lesson in what not to do as a parent. Let me share with you some of the Poverty Habits Ray Donovan and his wife are teaching their kids:

  • Lying is just another form of communication
  • Cheat on your spouse
  • Curses are an excellent way to get your point across
  • Getting drunk or getting high is a great way to deal with your problems
  • Use force when you don’t get your way. It saves time
  • No need to exercise unless you’re running from someone, like the cops
  • Associate with other dysfunctional people. It makes life interesting
  • There is no risk you should not take
  • Always answer your cell phone. Even at important functions like birthday parties, parent-teacher meetings and other important family functions
  • Ignore your family and deal with them only when problems arise
  • Laws are meant to be broken
  • Do everything in your power to damage your relationships
  • Junk food is a staple
  • Women are sexual beings who like to be roughed up
  • Lastly, family takes priority over all but the following: getting drunk, when you’re having illicit sex with someone other than your spouse, when you’re doing drugs or when you’re too busy breaking the law
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