The Daily Mind Routine – A Tool for Successful Living

Success requires Rich Thinking. Rich Thinking enables you to maintain a positive outlook on life and is a fire wall against negative thinking. For too many people negative thinking has become a habit. When negative thoughts dominate your thinking your subconscious mind receives that negative thinking as programming and goes to work to build a life that will be in line with your negative thinking. If you are constantly saying I don’t have enough money to pay my bills, your subconscious will get to work to shape your life to be in line with your negative thinking. It perpetuates your poverty.

In order to put an end to the negative thinking Poverty Habit you must engage in Rich Thinking every day. It must become a habit. That’s the purpose of the Daily Mind Routine. It transforms your thinking from negative to positive and creates a template for success in your life.

Here’s an overview of the Daily Mind Routine:

  1. Meditate for fifteen minutes first thing upon waking up
  2. Read Affirmations
  3. Read Gratitude List
  4. Say “I Love You” with emotion, for those I love
  5. Future Mirror readings
  6. Review Vision Board
  7. Meditate for fifteen minutes right before sleep


  • Sit in a chair and get comfortable
  • Close eyes
  • Feel your eyes relax, then your whole head, then your neck, then your shoulders, then your chest, then your arms, then your waist, then your legs and then your feet
  • Take thirty deep breathes and see the numbers in your head. Let all thoughts drift by one after the other
  • Visualize your big dream coming true. Visualize all of your goals being realized. Visualize your ideal life, with your ideal home, ideal job, your income, your good health. See yourself happy and successful
  • Ask for help in overcoming any obstacles that are in your way
  • Open eyes and say “I am happy”



Affirmations need to be in the present tense and represent a future state of being. For example: “I Am our company’s #1 salesman”.  Affirmations only work when they are tied to your goals or main purpose in life.

One Year Letter

This is a letter dated one year from today that you write to yourself. It lists all of the goals you accomplished during the upcoming year. It paints a picture of the great things that happened during the year. It explains how your life has improved during the upcoming year. It is your roadmap for the upcoming year.

Five Year Letter

This is a lot like the One Year Letter except this letter that you write to yourself is dated five years into the future. It lists all of the major goals you accomplished over the upcoming five years, the things you acquired during that period, the wealth you accumulated during this period etc. It paints a picture of your ideal life five years from now.

Vision Board

Your Vision Board is a visual representation of all of the the things you desire in life.

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