Tip o’ the Morning to Ya – Eliminate Bad Luck

Rich Habits Word of the Day

Serendipity – Good luck. After years of pursuing his dream, serendipity visited Tom when he least expected it.

Rich Habits Fact of the Day

American researcher Roy Plunkett was experimenting with gases for Freon refrigerants for Dupont in 1938 when he inadvertently left a sample out overnight. By morning, it had frozen to a whitish wax. But rather than consign the lump to the trash, he tested it to discover some of its very unusual properties. By 1945 it was trademarked as Teflon and Dupont managed to find a wealth of applications for its latest profit maker, from kitchenware to cable insulation.

Rich Habit Lesson of the Day

There are two types of bad luck. Random Bad Luck and Detrimental Luck. You have no control over Random Bad Luck. We all experience, rich or poor at some time in our life. But we do have control over Detrimental Luck. this type of luck is created by those who have Poverty Habits. Examples include overeating, not exercising, failure to engage in continuous self-improvement, poor relationship management, not saving and many others. When you engage in such bad behaviors, in time, those behaviors will manifest Detrimental Luck. It’s a cause and effect process. Poor behavior = Detrimental Luck. Detrimental Luck can be a heart attack, diabetes, divorce, a job loss or financial struggles. The remedy is to adopt certain good Keystone Habits that will not only eliminate Detrimental Luck but also create a unique type of good luck known as Opportunity Luck. I all these good Keystone Habits the Rich Habits. Examples include watching your calorie intake daily, avoiding junk food, exercising aerobically every day, daily self-improvement reading, good relationship management strategies (Happy Birthday Call, Hello Call, Life Event Call) and living below your means (80/20 Rule).

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