Tip o’ the Morning to Ya – Negative Emotions: Envy

Rich Habits Word of the Day

Malice – Envy or hatred for another. Jane was envious of her wealthy brother because she was poor.

Rich Habits Fact of the Day

Cornelius Vanderbilt gained his fortune from shipping and railroad. His net worth of $105 million in 1877 was equal to 1.15% of the U.S. annual GDP at the time. In today’s dollars, this would be equivalent to $160 billion. Vanderbilt was one of the wealthiest Americans in the history of the country.

Rich Habits Lesson of the Day

There is one emotion, which is the cause of poverty in the lives of so many. That emotion is envy. Envy is a negative emotion. When we allow ourselves to feel envy it sends a signal to the subconscious that we are lacking in wealth. The subconscious then goes to work to fulfill your emotional desire to be lacking in wealth. The subconscious is just a machine. When you allow yourself to be envious you are programming your subconscious  with instructions that the subconscious then interprets to mean lack of wealth. When you envy you are telling your subconscious  “make me poor”.

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  1. Envy will only bring you down. Turn into a pro-active emotion: motivation and determination to succeed

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