Tip o’ the Morning to Ya – The Anatomy of a Goal

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Modis Operandi – Steps, process. Tom discovered the modis operandi in goal setting after studying the daily habits of wealthy, successful people.

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Space X is a private company that “designs, manufactures, and launches spacecraft” with “the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets.” In 2012, it became the first private company to dock a spacecraft at the International Space Station.

Rich Habit Lesson of the Day

The anatomy of a goal is similar to the anatomy of an artichoke. The artichoke represents the wish, the leaves are the variables and the heart is the action that is required – your goal. In order to get to the heart of the artichoke you need to peel back the leaves. Identifying the goal inside your wish is no different. You need to peel back the leaves of your wish to get to the heart of the wish – the action goals required. Once you identify the actions required, you have your goals. The only remaining issue is whether or not you have the ability to perform the actions required.

There are four steps required in defining a goal:

Step #1 – Make a wish.

Step #2 – Define each variable of the wish.

Step #3 – Identify the specific activities or actions you must take in order for your wish to come true.

Step #4 – Is the goal 100% achievable?


At one of my small first Rich Habits training seminars many years ago, I was approached by a participant who was a very successful insurance agent. He confided in me that he had failed, for three consecutive years, to come close to achieving his goal of increasing his firm’s life insurance commissions by $100,000 a year. He came to my training session because he was about to give up on the goal when he stumbled upon my advertisement in the local paper. He realized now that the $100,000 goal was not a goal at all but a wish. And as I pointed out to him, “wishes don’t come true.” We met later in the week in an effort to peel the artichoke and find the goal inside his wish following my four step process:

Step #1 Wish – Make a wish.

The wish is $100,000 in additional life insurance commissions.

Step #2 Variable Analyses – Define each variable.

Life Insurance Policies Required: Average commissions per policy = $2,000. Number of Policies Required: Fifty policies (50 x $2,000 = $100,000). Meetings required to close one case = 10. 5 meetings x 50 cases = 250 meetings. Prospecting Calls Required to Obtain a meeting = 10. 10 x 250 = 2,500 calls.

Step #3 Action – Define daily actions or daily activities that are required in order to meet each variable.

Action = Make 10 prospecting calls per day.

Step #4 Achievability

Can you perform the activity? Can you make 10 calls per day, day in and day out? If the answer is yes, then you have your goal.


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