Tip o’ the Morning to Ya – Visualizing Your Goals

Rich Habits Word of the Day

Contrive – Formulate, create. Tom’s ten-year future letter helped contrive his new life.

Rich Habits Fact of the Day

He was no scholar, and his classmates teased him. Rather than read, the kid really preferred running around with a 8 mm camera, shooting homemade movies of wrecks of his Lionel train set (which he showed to friends for a small fee).

In his sophomore year of high school, he dropped out. But when his parents persuaded him to return, he was mistakenly placed in a learning-disabled class. He lasted one month. Only when the family moved to another town did he land in a more suitable high school, where he eventually graduated.

After being denied entrance into a traditional filmmaking school, Steven Spielberg enrolled in English at California State College at Long Beach. Then in 1965, he recalls, in one of those serendipitous moments, his life took a complete turn. Visiting Universal Studios, he met Chuck Silvers, an executive in the editorial department. Silvers liked the kid who made 8 mm films and invited him back sometime to visit.

He appeared the next day. Without a job or security clearance, Spielberg (dressed in a dark suit and tie, carrying his father’s briefcase with nothing inside but “a sandwich and candy bars”) strode confidently up to the guard at the gate of Universal and gave him a casual wave. The guard waved back. He was in.

“For the entire summer,” Spielberg remembers, “I dressed in my suit and hung out with the directors and writers [including Silvers, who knew the kid wasn’t a studio employee, but winked at the deception]. I even found an office that wasn’t being used, and became a squatter. I bought some plastic tiles and put my name in the building directory: Steven Spielberg, Room 23C.”

It paid off for everyone. Ten years later, the 28-year-old Spielberg directed Jaws, which took in $470 million, then the highest-grossing movie of all time. Dozens of films and awards have followed because Steven Spielberg knew what his teachers didn’t — talent is in the eyes of the filmmaker.

Rich Habits Lesson of the Day

If you want to achieve any goal you must first believe you can achieve that goal. The power of belief or faith has everything to do with how the subconscious mind works. When the subconscious accepts a belief it goes to work behind the scenes to shape your life around that belief. It creates those deep thoughts that many call intuition or urges which compel you to act or do something. The belief, however, must be a conviction without doubt. If you have any doubts about achieving your goals in life you won’t. Doubt erases any chance you have of achieving your goals. So how do you create certainty, conviction…belief, without doubt. There is a great visualization exercise that I call the Future Mirror exercise that puts your beliefs on steroids and erases doubt. Here’s how it works:

You write a letter to yourself from the future. The letter can be 1 year, 5 years or 10 years into the future. In this letter you list all of the amazing things about your life that exist in the future. Spare no expense on the details of the future you. In this letter you lay out your ideal life. Include what you do for a living, how much money you make, the house you live in, the car you drive, the vacations you are able to have, places you’ve been, what your family is doing etc.

It’s a fun exercise and when you’re done you will feel incredibly pumped up with belief. Every day for 30 days read the letter from the future and this will reprogram your subconscious, which will then go to work, behind the scenes, to create your new ideal future life.

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