Warrior Territory


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We all experience it. It happens when you’re studying, working, exercising or engaged in some activity that is sapping you of your energy. You’re tired and feel like stopping.

We all hit a wall at some point when we are engaged in activities that help move us forward in life. We know deep down that pushing on is the right thing to do, but, too often, we give in to the temptation of stopping.

Last week I was working on a new book. I was starting hour number two. My energy levels must have dropped and I leaned back in my chair contemplating an end to what had been a painful hour of writing. Then I said to myself, as I often do when I feel like stopping, “Warrior Territory”.  I kept writing for another hour.

On another day, I set a goal of running 80 minutes. At fifty minutes I felt tired and wanted to quit. Once again I found myself saying, “Warrior Territory”.  I ran for 82 minutes that day.

If you are pursuing some dream or some goals that require a consistent daily investment of your time, you will come face to face with this desire to stop. Most will give in to this temptation. But there are those who will push on beyond the pain. They are warriors and they are the individuals who succeed in life and go on to become self-made millionaires.

If you want to realize your dreams and achieve your goals in life you must become a warrior. You become a warrior when you push yourself beyond the pain. This is “Warrior Territory”.

Warrior’s succeed where others fail. They do not quit when they feel like quitting. They do not stop when they feel like stopping. Warriors push themselves every day into “Warrior Territory”. That’s where greatness resides.




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  1. Tony McDonald says:

    Good one Tom and so true. I am an ex-military guy (West Point) and if the military teaches you anything its that you can do more than you think – especially when someone unpleasant and demanding pushes you to do it! That’s how we stretch and grow.

    • Thank you for your service Tony and thank you for your kind words. Growth is never comfortable. Those pursuing daily growth are the most humble people around because they are constantly pushing themselves outside their comfort zone and that is humbling.

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