Your Values Shape Your Life and the Lives of Those Around You


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Values are things in life you make your priorities. For me, being a caring, loving and mentoring Dad was my #1 priority. Even though my kids are adults now, I still devote time every day checking in with them and imparting my values on them.

Instead of school issues, now it’s work-related issues for my kids. I do what I can to help clear away the fog and complication of life, reminding them to focus on their priorities, or values. “Keep focused on reading and learning everything about your industry,” I tell them. “Save 20% of your income,” I tell them. “Be honest,” I tell them. “Find a mentor at work,” I tell them. “Be a mentor to others at work,” I tell them.

My values, my priorities, have trickled down to my kids and their lives are reflecting back those values. All are doing well in life, not because I was an amazing Dad, but because I figured out which values in life result in a successful life.

We all have an inner circle of individuals we associate with on a regular basis. You children, your friends, your work colleagues and individuals in your local community, collectively, represent that inner circle.

What do you value? What’s important to you? Knowledge, compassion, family, financial security, friendship, honesty, generosity, mentoring, self-improvement, spirituality, wealth,, happiness, power, philanthropy, respect, leadership, love, living a simple life, good habits?

Values, like habits, spread like a virus to your inner circle. Your values affect those within your inner circle. When those values are good values, they benefit those inside your inner circle. Values help shape your life and the lives of those around you, good or bad.




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