Family, Friends & Coworkers Infect You With Their Habits

Rich Habits

Financial success takes a long time.

In my Rich Habits Study that “long time” depended upon your chosen the path to wealth:

  • Saver-Investor Path = 32 years to accumulate an average of $3,260,000
  • Big Company Climber Path = 21 years to accumulate an average of $3,375,000
  • Virtuoso Path = 20 years to accumulate an average of $3,980,000
  • Dreamer-Entrepreneur Path = 12 years to accumulate an average of $7,450,000

When I began my study I wanted to know the answer to one question: why are some people rich and other people poor? Five years, and 51,984 questions later I learned the answer – your daily habits are the cause, wealth or poverty, the effect. Habits, it turned out, had more to do with wealth and poverty than any of the many other factors I unearthed in my study.

Habits affect just about every aspect of your life and they do so at an unconscious or non-conscious level. Most are simply unaware that habits dictate your circumstances in life.

This is a truly groundbreaking discovery.

And there are many shades of habits.

We have: money habits, eating habits, drinking habits, exercise habits, sleeping habits, downtime habits, work-time habits, reading habits, relationship habits, happiness habits, thinking habits eating habits, time-wasting habits, inner-circle habits, cultural habits, neighborhood habits, country habits. We also have morning habits, afternoon habits and nighttime habits.

According to many habit studies I’ve studied, 40% or more of your daily activities, thinking, emotions and decision-making are habits.

We pick up most of our habits from those in our inner circle: parents, teachers, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, mentors, coaches, etc.

Those who you associate with frequently will infect you with their habits. For those who desire to become wealthy, it is therefore paramount to associate with individuals who are on the same path you are on.

Those on the Saver-Investor Path in my study surrounded themselves with other individuals who shared their smart money habits.

Those on the Corporate Climber Path in my study forged Power Relationships with senior executives within their company and/or their industry.

Those on the Virtuoso Path will in my study had close friends and colleagues who were also seeking to become the best at what they did to make money.

And those on the Dreamer-Entrepreneur Path in my study surrounded themselves only with individuals who helped mentor, encourage and support them during their journey.

The common thread among all of the different types of self-made millionaires in my Rich Habits Study was the intentional, conscious effort they made to associate with like-minded individuals.

In short – choose your path to wealth and then surround yourself with others who are on the same path.

They will infect you with the Rich Habits that are specific to the path you are on and this will dramatically increase your chances of succeeding in building the wealth you desire.

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