How Much of What You Do is a Habit?

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Habits are unconscious daily activities, behaviors, thinking, decision-making and emotional responses.

While many of us believe we are in control of our lives, the truth is, we’re not. Or, to be more accurate, we’re not in control of between 33% – 54% of our lives.

According to a habit study conducted by Wendy Wood, David Neal and Jeffrey Quinn, titled “Habits – A Repeat Performance”, they concluded that 45% of all of our daily activities were habits.

In another study conducted by Texas A&M, their researchers concluded that between 33% – 54% of our daily activities were, in fact, habits.

In a very famous 2006 habits study by Duke University, their researchers found that 40% of all our daily daily activities were habits.

So, somewhere between 33% and 54% of everything you do, every day, is a habit.

I wrote Rich Habits and my other Rich Habits series of books because I learned from my Rich Habits research that the most glaring differences between the rich and the poor, were their daily habits.

The rich in my Rich Habits Study, particularly the self-made rich, had habits that helped them to grow, improve, build power relationships, boost their IQ/cognitive abilities and their habits also promoted good health, fewer sick days, high energy and longevity.

The poor in my Study had habits that dragged them down financially, mentally and physically.

Habits represent such a large percentage of what you do every day. Therefore, you need to become self-aware of your daily habits. if you’re struggling financially, at work, with your relationships or with your health, it’s most likely your habits.

Your daily habits may very well be interfering with your ability to succeed, build wealth and stay healthy.

Getting a handle on your habits means you are getting a handle on your life.

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