Knowledge Only Has Value When It Is Put to Use

Rich Habits
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One of the most common Rich Habits of the self-made millionaires in my Rich Habits Study was the habit of daily learning.

Some of the millionaires learned by doing and others learned by reading and then applying that knowledge to their job, business, or in some side gig.

The key here is putting that learning to use by taking action.

Knowledge is useless unless you can put it to use. Knowledge without action is eventually forgotten.

Many of my “millionaires” engaged in certain extracurricular activities that helped them put their knowledge to use: applying new knowledge on the job, teaching, writing (articles, blogs, books, etc.), speaking engagements, webinars, mentoring, seminars, podcasts, etc. 

Teaching others knowledge that you have acquired helps you move that knowledge from working memory (short-term memory) to long-term memory.

It’s not enough to learn something new. You must put what you learn to use. You must take action on knowledge you acquire. This transforms that knowledge to permanent knowledge.

Once new knowledge becomes permanent, you can move on to acquiring more knowledge.

Those who make this a habit, reap the rewards: more clients, customers, promotions and ultimately more money.

Increasing your working knowledge sets you apart from your competition but only if you put it to use.

Clients, customers and employers don’t fire the best. They do everything to retain them.