Leadership Series: Common Traits of Successful Leaders. Trait #11 Courageous

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“Every human being is born with two wolves inside their body. One wolf, the bad wolf, is a dark, negative, angry wolf, filled with fear. The other wolf, the good wolf, is a bright, positive, joyful wolf, filled with courage and fearlessness. Only one wolf can survive inside the body. This means one must die. Both wolves constantly fight with one another inside our bodies. They fight for their lives every day until only one survives. Do you know which one survives? The one you feed the most.”

It takes an enormous amount of Courage to be a Successful Leader. When things are going well, it’s easy to be courageous. But, when things are not going well, these Crucible Moments can make or break a leader. Those who break, give into the fear of the moment. Those who refuse to break and rise to the occasion and successfully navigate these Crucible Moments, is what true Leadership is all about.

Successful Leaders do not give into fear. Because they are guided by their clear vision, they are able to face each Crucible Moment head on and with a conviction or confidence that they will prevail.

Successful Leaders do not allow doubt or fear to derail them from the pursuit of their dreams and goals.

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