Rich Thinking

Rich Habits

Your habitual thoughts drive your daily activities.

Those with a positive mental outlook engage in activities that mirror their upbeat thoughts:

  • They Pursue Knowledge – Those who succeed, are open-minded. As a result, they are always in pursuit of new knowledge and new facts. They do not allow ideology to interfere with their search for knowledge.
  • They Practice Relentlessly – Those who succeed in skill-based professions, believe in themselves. Their strong belief that they can succeed drives them to engage in Deliberate and Analytical Practice for many hours a day, over the course of many years, even decades.
  • They Pursue Dreams & Goals – Those who succeed, believe they can accomplish anything they put their mind to.
  • They Become Fearless Investors – Those who succeed, do their homework when it comes to investments. Doing your homework means learning everything about a potential investment. Because they do their homework, they actually reduce the risks associated with investing (called Educated Risk). By minimizing risk, they increase their odds of success in anything they invest their time in money in.
  • They Forge Valuable Partnerships – The successful seek to partner with other individuals who possess a positive mental outlook.

Negative thoughts are a command to your subconscious mind that says, “I am thinking this way because I expect negative things in my life.”

Obedient as a dog, your subconscious mind will direct you to avoid activities that produce success and engage in activities that produce failure.

Every successful person has failed or run up against one roadblock after another. If they accepted a negative, defeatist attitude they would have certainly quit.

When you allow negative thoughts to dominate your thinking, success becomes impossible because negative thoughts act like stop signs – they stop you from pursuing dreams, goals, learning, practicing and moving forward in life.

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