Socialism – The Enemy of Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Success

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Wealth is a byproduct of success. It is the carrot at the end of the stick. Take away that carrot and you remove the desire to pursue success.

Socialism not only takes away that carrot, it extinguishes the success traits that make success and wealth possible: hard work ethic, creativity, persistence, genius, good habits, overcoming fear and the courageous pursuit of dreams and goals.

Success is therefore impossible in a Socialist society.

Thankfully, America’s founding fathers knew this.

In order to encourage the pursuit of success in America, our founders built into the framework of our US Constitution certain principles that fuel the pursuit of success. These were liberty, limited government, and property rights. Property rights being the right to keep the wealth you produce without it being taken away by government.

These principles enabled America to become the economic behemoth it is today.

These principles are codified into what we call the American Dream. But, the American Dream is different things to different people.

For parents, the American Dream is the belief that their children will be more prosperous than they.

For some, it is merely the ability to rise above the depredations of poverty.

And for others, it represents the ability to become wealthy.

The American Dream has been a huge boon for America.

The United States has 705 billionaires (Ranked: Countries With The Most Billionaires, 2019

This is far more than every other country in the world.

We have a 19.4 trillion dollar economy, the highest of every other country in the world (Top 20 Economies in the World

Liberty and property rights (the right to keep the wealth you produce) have, for generations, separated America from the rest of the world. It is the reason America is often referred to as “the land of opportunity”.

That was, and still is, the American Dream.

Unfortunately, things are changing.

There are efforts afoot to destroy the meritocracy that built America.

These efforts are being mounted by a growing minority of Anti-American Dream Socialists, with an agenda to transform America:

  • These Socialists believe they are entitled to free things from the government.
  • These Socialists believe that the government is obligated to provide for their needs. They see the provision of their needs, as a right.
  • These Socialists believe our existing tax system does not tax the rich enough. They believe the rich do not pay their “fair share”. “Fair share”, to Socialists, is most of their wealth.
  • These Socialists believe our capitalist system is to blame for the growing disparity in income and wealth.

In an effort to close that gap, these Socialists seek to redistribute the income and wealth from every American Dream Achiever.

Their weapons of choice are higher income taxes, a wealth tax, increased regulatory control over our economy by government and an expansion of government entitlements.

In order to accomplish their ends, these Socialists need to be able to sell Socialism to the masses. Their preferred method is hyperbolic denunciations of the rich and of those who support the pursuit of wealth. They use identity politics to divide and conquer. They call those who defend our American Dream, racist and other hateful, divisive words.

Their ultimate objective is to turn society against the wealthy.

And they are succeeding.

Calls for increased income taxation of the rich, and a wealth tax on millionaires, are resonating with far too many in America.

For those who understand basic economics, increased taxation of the wealthy makes absolutely no sense at all.

When you punish the successful for their success, through increased taxation and increased government regulations, what incentive do entrepreneurs have to pursue wealth?

Without that very important carrot at the end of the stick – the right to keep the wealth you produce through your own efforts – the important incentive to pursue success, is lost.

Our American Dream Achievers are the very individuals who start new companies, produce world-changing innovations and create millions of new jobs.

The wealthy, and those who pursue wealth, should be held up as heroes.

The wealthy are not the enemy. We need them. Now and forever.

We are biting the hand that feeds us all when we buy into the ideology that says the wealthy are bad.

We should be embracing and encouraging the pursuit of wealth, not condemning it.

We should reward American Dream Achievers, not punish them with higher taxes.

We should hold American Dream Achievers up as heroes, paragons and mentors, not demons.

If this Anti-Rich, pro-Socialist movement succeeds, the American Dream will die, our economy will crash and everyone’s standard of living will be pulled down into a community cesspool of poverty.

The discussion then will not be about how to shrink income inequality or the wealth gap. It will, instead, be about how to feed our families.

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  1. Duwayne Cowney on May 29, 2020 at 3:16 PM

    Never a truer word spoken. This is the very thing stopping my country, South Africa from flourishing today. Unfortunately, the socialists outnumber the capitalist here by quite a big margin. Americans must be careful what they wish for. They’ve been spoilt by 1st world luxuries to the point where they think that is the norm. Appreciate what you have!

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