Stay Away From Making Decisions When Sick, Tired or Hungry

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Have you ever brow beat yourself over a decision you made?

“What was I thinking?”

Well, the problem is that you were likely not thinking, or, not thinking clearly.

Glucose is the brain’s primary fuel source. When it’s low, your ability to make decisions is impaired. You’re not thinking clearly.

When you are sick, suffering from sleep deprivation or hungry, your glucose level drops significantly.

The part of the brain that is responsible for decision-making, the prefrontal cortex, is weakened when you are sick, sleep deprived or hungry.

Consequently, it is very likely this part of the brain will not be perfuming its decision-making function properly.

If you have no choice but to make a big decision, eat or drink anything with sugar in it fifteen to thirty minutes prior to making that decision. Sugar causes a short-term boost in your glucose level and will temporarily restore your decision-making abilities.

But be careful with sugar. About 45 minutes to an hour after eating sugar, you will experience a crash in glucose levels, which will leave you feeling worse then before you consumed the sugar.

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