The Secret to Success is Hidden Inside Your Brain Cells

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Outside of every Brain Cell are millions of positive and negative Ions swimming around and hoping to be let inside the Brain Cell. A Brain Cell will only open up its membranes doors to positive Ions. And, it only does this when the positive Ions outnumber the negative Ions.

Once the positive Ions are granted access into the Brain Cell, the Brain Cell fires those positive Ions down through its Axon Trunk. This firing, starts the entire communication process between Brain Cells.

Like dominoes, one Brain Cell after another joins in on this firing, one after another.

This is how our Brain Cells communicate with each other – by firing these positively charged Ions, triggering the release of chemicals, called Neurotransmitters, which receiving Brain Cells soak up.

So, inside the brain, all action begins with an imbalance in which positive Ions exceed negative Ions. This is known as Brain Cell Action Potential.

This is precisely why those with a positive mental outlook are more successful than those with a negative mental outlook – those with a positive mental outlook have more positive Ions that cause their brains to perform up to theit optimal Action Potential.

Those with a negative mental outlook have more negative Ions and their brains simply do not fire as often or as consistently as those with a positive mental outlook.

Positivity boosts the number of positive Ions swimming around your brain cells, which allows your brain cells to communicate more frequently and more consistently with each other.

Success in life requies otpimal brain performance. Those with a positive mental outlook have brains which are functioning at a higher cognitive level than those with a negative mental outlook.

The secret to success is hidden inside your brain cells.

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