You Can Fall in Love With 1,000 Different People – Never Settle

Rich Habits

When my children were getting into their college years, I told each of them as often as I could, that there is no such thing as the love of your life.

“You can fall in love with 1,000 different people. So, fall in love with someone who is a true partner; someone who shares your values, dreams, goals and a vision of the life you desire.”

In my Rich Habits Study, one of the commonalities among the self-made rich was that they found a spouse who was a true partner in the pursuit of a successful life.

In searching for the right life partner, make sure you and your significant other are on the same page:

  • Similar Beliefs
  • Similar Values (Life Priorities)
  • Similar Money Habits
  • Similar Exercise Habits
  • Similar Smart Money Habits
  • Similar Spending Habits
  • Similar Savings Habits
  • Similar Risk Tolerance Around Money/Investing
  • Similar Attitude Towards Family
  • Similar Dreams/Goals
  • Similar Desires or Wants
  • Shared Vision of Your Future Life
  • Similar Positive Outlook
  • Common Hard Work Ethic
  • Shared Expectations of Each Other
  • Similar Attitude Towards Importance of Honesty/Integrity
  • Humility
  • Similar Attitude About the Importance of Education
  • Similar Attitude About Trust and Fidelity
  • Shared Passion for Recreational Activities
  • Common Interests/Hobbies
  • Common Morals
  • Shared Financial Goals
  • Shared Family Goals
  • Shared Lifestyle/Standard of Living Goals

Success, wealth, good health and happiness are virtually impossible when the values, habits, mindset, temperament and beliefs  of your significant other are not in complete alignment with yours.  Never settle. You can fall in love with a thousand different people. Find one that is in total alignment with you.

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