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Tip of the Week – What To Do While Unemployed

You're not working, but you'd like to be - learn how you should be occupying your time. … [Continue...]

More Tips of the Week:

Tom Corley Conducts Interviews on Focus Forward


Focus Forward – Kristina Ellis Shares How to Win More Scholarships

Kristina is the author of Confessions of a Scholarship Winner, which helps educate parents and students on how to rake up major money for college. Kristina was able to snag over $500,000 in scholarships!


Focus Forward – Marko Cadez Unravels the Mysteries of the Travel Industry

Marko is a former correspondent for CNN International World Report, is the Founder and CEO of Fareboom.com. Realizing while traveling as a journalist that international travelers did not have a fair and easy way to find and purchase airfares, Marko and a small team worked for 12 years to develop Fareboom.


Focus Forward – Jamie Wheeler Discusses the Gradify Mission

Bestselling author, Tom Corley, interviews Jamie Wheeler of Gradify.com. Jamie is the Co-Founder of Gradify which helps people gift money to children to fund college.


Focus Forward – Hitha Palepu on Making Travel Easier for Everyone

Hitha has a wealth of knowledge on how to maximize flight benefits, travel programs and enjoy your trips more. As owner of Portavi Company, Hitha helps clients pack for their trips. If you're “on the go,” you won't want to miss this show.