A Guaranteed Way to Become Rich

Rich Habits

There are four paths to creating wealth:

  1. Saver-Investor Path
  2. Big Company Climber Path
  3. Virtuoso Path
  4. Dreamer-Entrepreneur Path

The Saver-Investor Rich Habits include the following:

  • Frugal Spending – Frugal does not mean cheap. Frugal means spending your money on the lowest price, highest quality product or service available.
  • Saving 20% or more of your income.
  • Bucket System for Your Savings – Identifying specific savings priorities and devoting a percentage of your savings to each bucket: Wedding, First Home, Emergency Fund, College Savings, Building Wealth by Prudently Investing Your Savings, Retirement, etc.

There are many other Rich Habits for Saver-Investors. In my book, Effort-Less Wealth – Smart Money Habits FAt Every Stage of Your Life, I share all of the Rich Habits that virtually guarantee at a minimum, financial independence and possibly even make you wealthy.

Saver-Investors have a life plan that they follow which puts financial success on autopilot. Because they follow a plan, they are able to automatically build wealth. Their investments appreciate, dividend income accrues and interest income on those investments grows automatically.

So, in a sense, their wealth is compounding and growing, even when they are asleep – which happened to be a common goal among all of the millionaires in my Rich Habits Study.

For those who live beyond their means, the interest on their debt continues to grow while they are sleeping. So, in a sense, every time they wake up, they are eight hours poorer.

If you want to build wealth the easiest way possible, the Saver-Investor Path is the way to go. But it all starts in the same place for everyone – paying yourself first and living off what’s left. When you make a decision to save first, you force yourself to reduce your cost of living, allowing you to live below your means. Then you can put your savings to work by prudently and consistently investing your savings, so that it can grow – even when you are sleeping!

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