Big Ego, Big Problem

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Ego is the perception one has of themselves.

Having a healthy, normal ego means your view of yourself is accurate and realistic. Where ego goes off the tracks, is when someone has an inflated, unrealistic view of themselves. This is often referred to as having a Big Ego.

Big Egos are to be avoided at all costs as they are toxic and they will be an anchor around your neck.

Big Egos have certain traits that you can be on the lookout for:

  • Service to Self – Big Egos’ needs/wants come first. They will do anything to get what they want, even if it harms others. Big Egos do not seek to add value to anyone’s life, other than their own. In fact, those who do business with Big Egos will lose value, just by doing business with them. Because Big Egos have a Service to Self mindset, they lack compassion for others.
  • Superiority Complex – Big Egos view themselves as superior to others, meaning they see everyone as inferior. Interactions with Big Egos are never positive and always negative. You feel diminished, negative and unhappy, after having to deal with them.
  • Always Right – Big Egos value their opinion over the opinions of others. They will never negotiate in good faith because they believe they are right and you are wrong. Because they are always right, they lack humility, even when they are wrong.
  • Lack Empathy – Big Egos lack empathy and understanding of others feelings, needs or wants. They can’t put themselves in the shoes of others and really don’t care about the feelings, needs or wants of anyone but themselves.
  • Time Vampires – Big Egos only care about their time. They do not care about how much of your time they take from you.
  • Deva’s – Big Egos demand a great deal of your attention and they create drama wherever they go. Having a relationship with a Big Ego is always one-sided and disruptive.
  • Jealous – Big Egos are jealous of anyone they perceive to be competing with them or better than them. They will go to any length to undermine anyone they see as the competition.
  • Negative Criticism – Big Egos only provide negative criticism. They never provide constructive criticism, which helps individuals improve and grow.
  • Victim Mindset – Big Egos play the victim card whenever something does not go their way. They blame everyone but themselves for their problems in life – and they have many problems. If you have a relationship with a Big Ego, you will be sucked into their life’s drama and their problems will eventually become your problems.
  • Untrustworthy – Big Egos cannot be trusted. They will always breach your trust, if it is not in their own best interest.
  • Unfair Competitors – Big Egos seek to win at any cost, due to their Service to Self mindset. You will always come out on the losing side of the ledger, when dealing with Big Egos. The rules of fair play do not apply to Big Egos.