Do You Have a Burning Desire to Be Somebody?

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The desire to be somebody of significance, drives many self-made millionaires, other than the Saver-Investor millionaires.

Big Company Climbers are driven to rise up the ladder within their companies into the upper echelons of executive leadership positions.

Virtuosos desire to be the best within their industry and this drives them to become knowledge-based Virtuosos or skill-based Virtuosos. Knoweldge-based Virtuosos will devote significant hours every day to daily study. Skill-based Virtuosos will devote significant hours every day to daily practice.

Entrepreneur-Dreamers are driven by their desire to create something out of nothing. They seek to transform their dreams into reality.

The desire to be rich, for all three types of self-made millionaires, may be the primary driver or it might be a secondary driver. Nonetheless, accumulating wealth IS an important driver.

What drives you?

Do you want to be somebody of significance?

If the answer is NO, then the Saver-Investor path is probably the right path for you to pursue, in order to grow your wealth.

Socrates believed that to Know Thyself was a precursor for living a successful life.

Too many embark upon a career path without truly Knowing Thyself. And, as a result, they lead lives of quiet desperation, as Thoreau astutely observed so many years ago.

When you truly know yourself, you’ll know which path to wealth you’re best suited to follow: Saver-Investor Path, Big Company Climber Path, Virtuoso Path or Dreamer-Entrepreneur Path?

It took me a long time before I realized I was on the wrong path. I literally wasted ten years of my life as a Big Company Climber. I pivoted, and my income has almost doubled since I got on the right path.

Still, I wonder how much more money I could have made had I chosen the right path in life.