Growth is Painful, But Necessary for Success

Rich Habits
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I have a business client who is on the path to success. I know this because he has many of the success traits and Rich Habits that I found in the self-made millionaires who were part of my Rich Habits study. Based on my Rich Habits metrics, he’s not a self-made millionaire yet, but he’s getting close.

I love talking to this client because he is a self-improvement fanatic and fascinated with my Rich Habits research. His desire to improve every day is a Rich Habit that was common among many of the millionaires in my study.

He shares another success trait with the self-made millionaires in my study – he’s obsessed with sharing his knowledge with others. He loves mentoring others. Sixty-eight percent of the wealthy in my study had the Rich Habit of mentoring others.

We had a meeting once to do some retirement planning. At the beginning of the meeting his cell phone rang. It was one of the employees he was mentoring. This employee was doing a consultation with a client and called because she wanted my client there at the meeting with her. My client told her he won’t be at the consultation. He said he was with his accountant and that she would just have to fly solo on this one.

I could hear her pleading with him over the phone to leave her accountant and come to the office. Very calmly, my client told her, “You know what to do. I believe in you. You will do a great job. Stop worrying and believe in yourself.” She continued to plead with him but my client simply said, “I have to go now, my accountant is waiting.” He hung up the phone and told me that in order to help others grow you need to force them outside their comfort zone.

Each individual has a circle. Inside that circle are the things you are comfortable doing. Those things inside your circle represents your comfort zone. Most do everything humanly possible to stay within their comfort zone. When you do things that are outside your circle of comfort, it causes discomfort.

But each time you engage in an activity that causes discomfort, your circle grows because you grow as an individual. That discomfort is oftentimes painful. Growth is painful. Expanding your circle by engaging in activities that cause discomfort is painful. But it’s also necessary if you want to grow, because growth is a prerequisite for success.

You can’t succeed in life by staying in your comfort zone. You have to expand your circle in order to become successful in life. You have to engage in activities that cause discomfort and this means you must experience the pain of growth.

Those who avoid doing things that cause them discomfort and pain, do not realize success. The never grow into the individuals they need to become in order for success to visit them.

Start expanding your circle of comfort today. Never fear the pain of growth. It is that very pain that makes you stronger and helps you grow into the person you need to be in order to achieve success.