One Question You Should Ask Yourself at the Beginning of Every Day

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Do you have a vision of your ideal life or a future version of the ideal you?

If you don’t, you should.


Because 76% of the self-made millionaires in my Rich Habits Study created a vision of their ideal, future life. They painted a very specific picture, in their mind, of who they wanted to be and what type of life they wanted to have.

The brain thinks in pictures, so when you create a Vision of who you want to be, you are speaking a language your brain understands very well.

Many things need to come together in order for your Vision to become a reality.

Your Vision is really the culmination of a number of specific Dreams and Goals. Those specific Dreams/Goals are like pieces to a puzzle. As your realize or achieve each one, they begin to form a picture – a picture of your ideal life and the ideal you.

Your Vision is your Destination. In order to reach that Destination you must realize your Dreams and accomplish the Goals behind those Dreams.

What keeps you moving forward toward your Vision are the actions you take on a daily basis.

Are your daily actions tied to your Vision, your Dreams and your Goals?

When you take action on your Dreams and Goals, that means you’re doing the things that will help to improve your life down the road. So, when you take action, every day, on your Dreams and Goals, you feel proud of yourself.

Those who don’t take action on their Dreams and Goals, don’t move forward and feel stuck. And that creates a feeling of discontent or regret.

A very simple daily habit you can create, in order to keep you moving forward, is to ask yourself this one question at the beginning of every day:

What one thing should I do today that will make me proud of myself?

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