Passion Power Trumps Willpower

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Willpower is the ability to force yourself to focus on something for a limited period of time – typically 2-3 hours at any given time.

Willpower is a limited resource because it forces the brain to consume a lot of brain fuel (oxygen and glucose).

Because the brain, unlike the rest of the body, is unable to store its fuel, every time you force the brain to do focused work, the brain must send a signal to various organs and glands to increase production of glucose. The brain would rather not do this. It will fight you when you even consider engaging in any forced focus.

This is one of the primary reasons we procrastinate – the brain does not like to increase its fuel needs.

But there is a way to get around the brain’s inherent desire to be lazy.

When you are able to activate the emotional centers of the brain, those centers are able to overpower the brain’s inherent desire to be lazy.

When you want something bad enough, when your passion for something is very strong, this toggles on the emotional centers of the brain. The emotional centers of the brain are very powerful and able to overcome the brain’s built-in desire to do nothing.

The “lazy” brain is powerless once the emotional centers are fully activated.

If you want something bad enough, your brain willingly becomes your servant.

If your passion for something is not that great, the “lazy” brain becomes the master and will default to lazy mode, nudging you to procrastinate.

Emotional Passion Power allows you to focus on one thing many hours each day, for many days, many months and even, many years.

This is why passion is so important. Having a powerful Why toggles on the emotional centers of the brain, releasing its abundance of Passion Power, which will provide you will all of the brain fuel needed to help you realize your dreams and accomplish your goals.


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