The War Against Freedom

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Wealth is a byproduct of success. It is the carrot at the end of the stick. Take away that carrot and you remove the desire to pursue success.

Socialism not only takes away that carrot, it extinguishes the amazing success traits that are only revealed through the pursuit of success: hard work ethic, creativity, persistence, genius, good daily habits, overcoming fear/adversity and the courage required to pursue dreams and goals.

The pursuit of success, therefore, is impossible in a Socialist society as Socialism removes the incentive to pursue Success/Wealth.

Thankfully, America’s founding fathers knew this.

In order to encourage the pursuit of success in America, our founders built into the framework of our US Constitution certain principles that helped fuel the desire to pursue success.

These were: liberty, limited government, and individual property rights.

Property includes an individual’s possessions, their income and the wealth they create during their lifetime. Such property, our founders believed, belonged to the individual and not the government.

These founding principles are codified into what we call the American Dream, and this American Dream is why so many around the world are willing to risk their lives trying to get their shot at the American Dream. It is also the reason the U.S. has the world’s largest economy.

But, the American Dream is not just about wealth. It holds different meanings to different people.

For parents, the American Dream is the belief that their children will be more prosperous than they.

For some, it is merely the ability to rise above the depredations of poverty.

And for others, it represents the ability to become wealthy.

The American Dream has been a huge boon for America.

The United States has 800 billionaires (Ranked: Countries With The Most Billionaires, 2020 – Forbes

This is far more than every other country in the world.

We have a 21.44 trillion dollar economy, the highest of every other country in the world (NASDAQ 2020

Liberty and property rights (the right to keep the wealth you produce) have, for generations, separated America from the rest of the world. It is the reason America is often referred to as “the land of opportunity”.

That was, and still is, the American Dream.

Unfortunately, there are very wealthy and powerful individuals/organizations, embedded deep within American life, who are working behind the scenes to transform America from a free market capitalist powerhouse into a Socialist dystopia.

These Deep State Agents want to eliminate America’s meritocracy-based system, which has created a prosperous middle-class.

But these Deep State Agents have a problem – they know that a prosperous middle-class will never vote for Socialism.

So, the only way the Deep State Marxists can succeed, is by weakening the middle-class.

The specific tools they are using to weaken the middle-class include:

  • Promote Racism – The BLM/Antifa Marxist agitators are funded by wealthy Socialists and dark money Socialist organizations to riot and protest, using racism as their prop. Since the bulk of America’s middle-class happens to be white, it is crucial that BLM/Antifa get enough guilty middle-class, white people to accept BLM/Antifa’s racist dogma. This helps divide America’s middle-class by moving a swath of guilt-ridden, middle-class white people over to the Marxist BLM/Antifa camp.
  • Identity Politics – America’s Socialists are succeeding in separating the middle-class into various opposition groups: blacks, whites, gay, heterosexual, transgender, non-binary, etc. This further divides the middle-class.
  • Promote Existence of White Supremacy Groups – If the Socialists in America can succeed in indoctrinating enough of the white middle-class into believing white supremacy groups have any real power in America, they will further divide the middle-class. Those who succumb to this brainwashing will likely align with the BLM/Antifa Marxist agitators, and thus, the Socialists, further dividing the middle-class.
  • Establish That White Privilege is Real – If enough middle-class white people accept that White Privilege exists, this will help to further divide the middle-class.
  • Political Correctness – In an effort to silence opposition, America’s Socialists are using Political Correctness as a means of checking free speech. Free Speech is a dagger in the heart of Socialism and it must be removed if they are to succeed in gaining power.
  • Cancel Culture – The success of Political Correctness has allowed its proponents to cause financial damage to those who continue to engage in Free Speech, refusing to succumb to Political Correctness. Using social media and ignorant, guilt-ridden or brainwashed Hollywood celebrities, America’s Socialists are able to force Boycotts of the products or services offered by its enemies.
  • Weaken the Rich – The only rich people allowed in a Socialist society are the cabal of Socialists in government who are running the country. Because America’s free market system and constitutional government has been so wildly successful, there are many wealthy people in America. These wealthy individuals stand in the way of Socialists and must, therefore, be weakened. So, America’s Socialists are hard at work, every day, convincing America’s middle-class that the wealthy are evil and that the American Dream does not exist. They are also seeking to steal their wealth through higher income taxes, enacting a wealth tax and imposing draconian laws and regulations that make it more difficult for the wealthy, or anyone desiring wealth, to engage in business or commerce.
  • Illegal Immigration – One very important strategy to weaken the middle-class is to open America’s boarders, flooding the labor market with illegal “cheap labor”. These illegal immigrants would then replace millions of existing middle-class workers, while driving down labor costs for those who remain employed, further weakening the middle-class.
  • Climate Change – The Climate Change strategy is twofold: #1 Brainwash the general public into believing climate change is man-made and #2 Brainwash the general public into believing that this man-made climate change is reversible. Strategy #1 requires an all-out propaganda effort by the puppets of the Deep State, namely, mainstream media, powerful multi-national corporations and political leaders. Strategy #2 requires the public’s buy in on the enactment of broad-sweeping laws/regulations that are necessary in order to save the planet. The Climate Change strategy is a very clever and effective strategy, as it has succeeded in brainwashing millions of Americans.
  • Abortion – This is all about Population Control. Nothing more, nothing less. The Marxist Deep State is intent on reducing the human population on our planet and Abortion has been one of their most successful Tools.
  • Socialist Indoctrination of Our Youth – Anti-American, pro-Socialist educators have invaded the sacred halls of our public schools and colleges. They are teaching our children to hate America, our founding principles and our free market system. If they can succeed in converting our youth into Socialists, they will have a future voting block who will gladly vote Socialists into power.

Sadly, the Deep State Marxist agents appear to be succeeding.

Americans, now more than ever, are divided by identity politics and race. This has been fueled by pro-Socialist politicians and well-funded Marxist groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

Political correctness and our cancel culture has threatened the livelihood of anyone who dares to engage in any free speech that the Socialists find offensive.

And attacks on the wealthy in America are relentless.

Calls for increased income taxation of the rich, and a wealth tax on millionaires, are resonating with far too many in America. For those who understand basic economics, increased taxation of the wealthy makes absolutely no sense at all. When you punish the successful for their success, through oppressive taxation, what incentive do entrepreneurs have to pursue wealth?

Without that very important carrot at the end of the stick – the right to keep the wealth you produce through your own efforts – the important incentive to pursue success, is lost.

Our American Dream Achievers are the very individuals who start new companies, produce world-changing innovations and create millions of new jobs.

The wealthy are not the enemy. We need them. Now and forever.

We are biting the hand that feeds us all when we buy into the ideology that says the wealthy are bad.

We should be embracing and encouraging the pursuit of wealth, not condemning it.

We should reward American Dream Achievers, not punish them with higher taxes.

We should hold our wealthy American Dream Achievers up as heroes, paragons and mentors, not demons.

If this Deep State Marxist agenda succeeds, the American Dream will die, our economy will crash and everyone’s standard of living will be pulled down into a community cesspool of poverty.

The discussion then will not be about race, gender, the wealth gap or income inequality. It will, instead, be about how to feed our families.



  1. Duwayne Cowney on May 29, 2020 at 3:16 PM

    Never a truer word spoken. This is the very thing stopping my country, South Africa from flourishing today. Unfortunately, the socialists outnumber the capitalist here by quite a big margin. Americans must be careful what they wish for. They’ve been spoilt by 1st world luxuries to the point where they think that is the norm. Appreciate what you have!

    • Bret on October 9, 2020 at 12:37 PM

      Thank you for posting this.

  2. Ellery on October 8, 2020 at 8:56 PM

    Capitalism will always reign supreme as the best method for growth and wealth creation. I support capitalism 100% and I’m thankful to have the countless opportunities I have in this country.

    With that said, something need to be done about the shrinking middle class. Why? Because if the middle class disappears, with it goes the engine of our successful capitalism. We can produce more billionaires and generate more wealth if more people are part of the economy. The more homeless, uneducated, thieves, and welfare-collecting folks we have, the slower our economic growth.

    And so while I oppose giving people handouts, it’s imperative that we create a system that helps people stuck at the bottom flourish. And yes, that system needs to be smart enough to keep folks from taking advantage of it. This may sound crazy, but this is how companies operate. We invest in employees by training them and helping them grow in their careers, knowing that in return they are more likely to stay and for our company to rip the benefits.

    Offering free college is seen as a “socialist move” – which is odd because K-12 is free everywhere in the US. The difference is that in 2020, a high school degree doesn’t get you very far. So it’d make sense to extend free schooling to offer 4 year programs at state colleges. And yes, you need to design it well.. You could require a B average to keep the free schooling, for example.. that means people who are going to school to tool around will not waste tax payer money.

    The billionaire Bill Ackman recently suggested that the federal government give every new baby an investment account with $6,750. In 60 years, that would translate to $1M for retirement. Not only does that lighten the load significantly on Social Security, it also makes every part of the economy… you get everyone rooting for it. Is it a socialist program? Yes. Does it help further strengthen capitalism and wealth generation and preservation in America? Hell yes.

    You made several other right leaning statements which I’m going to ignore since you’re entitled to your views. But you should think long and hard about the sustainability of our current system. Without government intervention to help save the middle class, our amazing economic system will go the way of the dodo.

    • Kim Do on October 12, 2020 at 11:32 AM

      BRAVO!!! Thank you for taking the time — and thoughtful analysis — to write such an eloquent & compelling dissenting opinion. I’ve been a long time follower of Mr. Tom Corley’s emails/blogs/books, and admire many of his ideas. BUT I do see that extremes are dangerous. A very small percentage of extreme rich, a large percentage of extreme poor, and shrinking middle class, society would be reverting backward rather than forward in human evolution.

      • pwsadmin on October 13, 2020 at 11:40 AM

        Tks Kim Do for your kind words. Any form of Socialism = a cancer to those who would pursue success & wealth. Temporary Safety Nets, and in some rare cases, permanent safety nets, are OK. But making one’s needs/wants a “right” removes the important incentive to work for your needs/wants.

  3. Ellen on October 9, 2020 at 10:00 AM

    Dear Mr. Corley,

    Thank you for your intelligent contributions to the blogosphere.

    I enjoy reading your articles.

    I hope and pray that we do not ascend into Socialism.

  4. Loving Life on October 9, 2020 at 10:01 AM

    Well said! No truer words ever written! May The words of our Lord and the gift of the Holy Spirit be utilized by all of humanity!

  5. Marie Hoerst on October 30, 2020 at 8:42 AM

    Thank you! Well said.