The Words You Use Determine if You are in Control of Your Life

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The words you use matter. They can empower you or enslave you. Your words seep into your subconscious mind, programming it, for good or bad.

The words you use can also reinforce your beliefs, good or bad.

Some words are good, reinforcing beliefs that help propel you to success. Some words are bad, reinforcing limiting or negative beliefs which hold you back in life.

Good Words

  • I will
  • I can
  • I won’t
  • I don’t
  • Yes
  • No
  • Absolutely

These words state emphatically that you are in control of your life and the outcomes you seek. They are definitive, “I’m in control” words.

They are words used by winners.

Bad Words

  • I can’t
  • If
  • Because
  • I should
  • I couldn’t
  • But
  • Since
  • Except for
  • I wish
  • Maybe
  • I might

These words imply that you don’t have control over your life or the outcomes of your life. They are excuse words that imply you are controlled by some force or circumstance outside your control. You are giving up control over your behavior and empowering some outside force when you use these words.

These words help reinforce the belief that your life, your behavior and your circumstances are not within your control.

They are words used by losers.

Be conscious of the words you use.