We Are All Our Own Worst Enemy

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The famous story of the mild-mannered Dr. Jekyll and the demonic Mr. Hyde ends with the death of both. Mr. Hyde became Dr. Jekyll’s undoing at the end.

Do you have a Mr. Hyde lurking inside, derailing you from living a healthy, happy and successful life?

For many, their Mr. Hyde is their negative mental outlook. Negativity is not just an impediment for a good life, it is an impediment to a good life.

A study by Eric Loucks, an assistant professor of epidemiology at Brown University, found that people with a positive outlook lived healthier, longer lives. The researchers found that negativity creates chronic stress which accelerates aging.

In a related study, Elissa Epel of the University of California found that those who practice positivity through meditation live longer, healthier lives.

The ability to shut down the Mr. Hyde inside of you not only affects your health and longevity, it also plays a critical role in achieving success in life. Negative people get in their own way, preventing them from realizing their full potential in life.

We all have a little Mr. Hyde inside of us. The key is to be mindful when Mr. Hyde starts to rear his ugly head. Anger, depression, sadness, envy and jealousy, when left unchecked, are destructive forces that shackle many people to a life of poverty, misery, unhappiness and poor health.

If you want to be healthy, happy, live a long life, be successful and rich, you must make a daily habit of practicing positivity.

Gratefulness is the gateway to a positive mental outlook. So, start your day by expressing gratitude.

Five minutes of daily meditation is another habit that creates a positive mental outlook.

When you develop the daily habit of being positive, Mr. Hyde loses his control over you. Keep your inner Mr. Hyde from destroying your life – Your health and your future success depends on it.