Your Immune System is the Most Fearsome Army any Enemy Ever Faced

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It’s amazing how habits control almost every aspect of our lives.

I’ve devoted much of my life, since 2010, researching and promoting habits that lead to wealth, health, success and happiness. Many of the habits I’ve shared are ones that we have the power to adopt or replace.

But there are habits that are hardwired into our autonomic system, which operate with or without our approval.

The Immune System is one such habit.

Nothing you do, no amount of discipline or willpower, can stop the human body’s habit of protecting itself from outside invaders.

Your immune system is the most powerful army any enemy ever faced.

The Amazing Immune System Habit Machine

The Immune System is one giant habit machine. Built into every human being are certain processes that stand as sentries, protecting the cells that keep us alive.


Your skin is the first line of defense, preventing almost all invaders from entering the body. Because of its incredible effectiveness, very few invaders succeed in gaining entry.


When an invader manages to penetrate the skin or find entry through other means (eating, drinking, breathing, kissing, sex, etc), Macrophages come to life.

Macrophages are extremely large cells that stand guard at every border region of the body. We have billions of Macrophages. When they encounter an outside invader, Macrophages swallow them whole. Enzymes inside the Macrophages then go to work dissolving the invaders.

These Macrophages send a signal to the blood to release water, which the Macrophages use to assist them in their attack. This release of water, is commonly referred to as Inflammation. The water helps isolate and contain the invaders, so that the Macrophages can systematically swallow them whole.

In the event the invaders replicate too quickly, and overwhelm the ability of the Macrophages to swallow them up, the Macrophages release Messenger Proteins, called Neutrophils.


Neutrophils are proteins that are so ferocious, they often kill healthy cells within the vicinity of the invading cells. These Neutrophils also create barriers to trap invaders, as an assist to the Macrophages. Because of their ferocious nature, Neutrophils are hardwired to commit suicide after five days in order to prevent them from doing too much damage to healthy cells who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.


If Macrophages and Neutrophils are overwhelmed by the invaders, Dendritic Cells are released. Dendritic Cells have a specific purpose – they take scrape off samples of the invader cells, deposit those samples on their membrane and carry them off to the Lymphatic System (Lymph Nodes are pervasive throughout the body).

Residing inside the Lymphatic System are T Cells. These Dendritic Cells carry the body parts of the invader to T Cells, who then analyze their makeup.


After sampling the makeup of the invading cells, the T Cells who recognize the invader, begin to duplicate themselves by the thousands, instantly.

After destroying the enemy, a small percentage of these T Cells stay behind inside the Lymphatic System, to act as Memory T Cells – specific T Cells who may be called on in the future to help identify the invaders if they ever return.

Some T Cells are used to assist the Macrophages, Neutrophils and Dendritic Cells as they battle the invaders.

And other T Cells remain behind in the Lymphatic System to assist in the manufacture of weapons to fight the invaders. The weapon manufacturers they assist are known as B Cells.


Activated by T Cells, B Cells produce weapons called Antibodies. Antibodies are tiny proteins that are specifically engineered to bind to the surface of each invading cell. These Antibodies sting the invaders, much like a snake or spider does, paralyzing them momentarily. Once paralyzed, the Macrophages swim along and swallow them whole.

When the war is over, most of these B Cell Antibodies commit suicide. Those who do not kill themselves, swim back to the Lymphatic System, attached to their B Cell host. These returning B Cells are called Memory B Cells. The are like a standing army, whose job is to stand guard, in the event the invader were to ever return.

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