7 Types of Success – Pick Your Success

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Even though we did not have much money growing up, my Dad always made sure our freezer was stocked with different types of ice cream: vanilla, chocolate, butter pecan, coffee and a few others. What I found interesting was that my Dad would not pick one ice cream to put in a saucer. He’d have two or three different types in there.

Like ice cream, there are various types of success. You can focus on one type or your could pursue multiple types.

  1. Financial Success – If you were to ask the average person what is success, most would answer financial success – becoming wealthy. When you have enough wealth to meet your needs and your wants, that’s Financial Success.
  2. Family Success – Most kids really don’t care about the type of family cars you drive, the house you live in or the stuff a family owns. What they do care about is feeling unconditionally loved by their parents. When your kids know their parents love them, they will run through a brick wall for their parents. They’ll do their homework, try to get good grades, take out the garbage, help out around the house, etc. That’s Family Success.
  3. Health Success – Exercising every day, eating healthy, moderating your consumption of alcohol and junk food, all lead to being healthy. When you are healthy, that’s Health Success.
  4. Career Success – Liking or loving what you do for a living, while earning the money you need to meet your needs/wants, fuels you to do your best at work. Doing your best, makes you feel fulfilled at whatever it is you do for a living and that’s Career Success
  5. Social Circle Success – Everyone has an inner circle. When those people in your inner circle – family, friends and work colleagues are people you love, like or care deeply about, that’s Social Success.
  6. Mental Success – When your mind is clear, calm, optimistic, upbeat and not consumed with stress, that’s Mental Success.
  7. Fulfillment Success – Short term happiness is anything you do that creates instant gratification. This type of happiness goes away quickly. Fulfillment, however, is long term happiness. Fulfillment Success means feeling fulfilled in most aspects of your life: financial, family, health, career, social circle and mental. This is the penultimate success everyone seeks. And it is the hardest type of success to achieve.

Give some thought to which types of success are most important to you. Then devote your life to pursuing them.



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