All Change Begins With a Clear Vision of the Life You Desire

Rich Habits
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We all have habits. Some habits begin at an early age, some we adopt during our lives and others later in life. We are barely aware of the habits we have because habits are unconscious. Through repetition or emotion, they become automatic and do not require conscious thought to set them in motion.

The quality of your habits defines the quality of your life.

But if you have not defined what type of life you want, you cannot possibly know what habits you need.

So, real habit change starts by defining what’s important to you and then selecting those habits that will help you shape the life you desire.

What’s Important to You?

  • I want to save 20% or more of my income
  • I want to lose 20 pounds
  • I want to eat healthy, nutritious food
  • I want to spend more time with my family
  • I want to create three streams of income
  • I want to become an expert in my industry
  • I want to live by the ocean
  • I want to have zero debt
  • I want to be a CPA, attorney, doctor, professional athlete, etc.
  • I want to be a celebrity, big brand, well known, etc.

Once you define the life you desire to have, that is when you select the habits that will get you there.


If you want to be successful and rich then you must adopt the Rich Habits that make that possible: Dreamsetting, reading to learn every day, networking, building relationships, etc.

If you want to be in good health then you must adopt the Rich Habits that make that possible: daily aerobic exercise, limiting your consumption of junk food and alcohol and eating healthy nutritious food.

If you want a strong, devoted family then you must adopt the Rich Habits that build strong families: putting your family first, showing love to your family every day, mentoring your children to succeed, educating your children and spending time with your family.

If you do not define the life you want, you cannot possibly know which habits you must forge in order to improve your life.

Changing your life begins by knowing what life you want to have.



  1. Frankie on January 26, 2022 at 9:51 AM

    Awesome post and so true. It starts with desire. All goals start with desire.