Avoid Blame Throwers. They Will Hurt You and Those Around You

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Humility is a hallmark of the successful. Successful, self-made millionaires, particularly Dreamer-Entrepreneurs, ARE MADE humble during their journey towards success, due in large part to things:

  1. Adversity – The relentless Adversity they face during their journey often takes the legs out from underneath them is Humbling and
  2. Mistakes – The numerous mistakes they make along their journey forces them to acknowledge that they are not as good as they thought they were and that they need to improve if they are to survive, which humbles them.

When things go wrong, successful people persevere in pursuit of the truth, rather than seek someone or something to blame. Sometimes the truth is that you screwed up. Dreamer-Entrepreneurs have no choice but to park their egos and embrace their mistakes, enabling them to learn and grow as individuals, which forever transforms them into someone very different – a sort of new and improved version of themselves. Because of this need to get better, they forge the very important habit of accepting responsibility when things go wrong.

Those who never take risks in pursuit of success have a very Poor Habit of assigning blame to others or outside forces, for things that goes wrong in their lives. By assigning blame to others, they conveniently avoid personal responsibility, which may help soothe their fragile egos, but does nothing to help them grow and improve.

Blame Throwers are not interested in the truth, and quite frankly, not interested in succeeding. Consequently, because Blame Throwers are never able learn from their mistakes and grow. they remain stuck and unhappy. 

You must avoid Blame Throwers like the plague. Specifically, you must never allow them to become part of your team or inner circle. If anything goes wrong, rest assured, you will be thrown under the bus, if that’s what it takes to protect the Blame Thrower.

Common Traits of Blame Throwers

  • Complain Too Often
  • Have Oversized Egos
  • Have Fragile Egos – Easily Insulted
  • Highly Opinionated and Their Opinion is Always Right
  • Have Frequent Conflicts within Their Relationships
  • Have Difficulty Keeping a Job
  • Have a Habit of Engaging in Negative Gossip
  • Have a Negative View on Things or a Negative/Pessimistic Outlook on Life
  • Have a “Keep Up With the Jonses” Mentality – They are Constantly Comparing Themselves to Other
  • Envious of Others Wealth/Success
  • Untrustworthy
  • Conniving
  • Often, Very Intelligent Individuals
  • Have a Poor Work Ethic
  • Often Fail to Deliver on Their Promises
  • Often Caught Lying
  • Exaggeration is a Habit for Them