Don’t Be a Lifestyle Copy Cat

Rich Habits
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It’s human nature, something hardwired into each one of us, to compare ourselves to those around us.

Some good can come of it, especially when those within our social networks are of good character. In such cases, comparing yourself to others who are successful, respected, who possess exceptional habits and have their moral compass pointed in the right direction, is a good thing. They can become a template for you to follow, helping you to become a better individual.

In our modern world, comparisons go off the rails when tied to the lifestyles of others. When this hard-wired human tendency of comparing ourselves to others is applied to seeking to emulate the desirous lifestyles of others, that is when you lose your way in life. Such comparisons lead to excess spending, debt and ultimately, an unhappy life.

Being a Lifestyle Copy Cat is Destructive Comparison.

With the explosion in social media, it is far easier to fall into this Copy Cat rabbit hole. You see it all the time – social media “friends” post pictures of their new boat, or an exotic, expensive vacation or new sports car and you find yourself becoming green with envy, wanting to emulate their glorious lifestyle, irrespective of the financial costs or the accumulation of debt to fund such a lifestyle.

Instead, seek Constructive Comparisons, such as emulating the good traits and habits you see in others and avoid being a Lifestyle Copy Cat. It is a form of Destructive Comparison and a slippery slope that will only lead unhappiness and want.