Don’t Let Others Infect You With Their Negativity

Rich Habits

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One of the most valuable self-help books I ever read was How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie.

I had read that book twenty-five years ago, when I was really just beginning my career. I dusted that book off when I completed my Rich Habits research and re-read it. I took copious notes so that I could compare the teachings in that book to my research findings.

One of the many Rich Habits that I unearthed was one I called Rich Thinking – possessing a positive, optimistic, success-oriented mindset. In Dale Carnegie’s book, he touched on the Rich Thinking Rich Habit. In his book, he offered the following rule of success:

Never criticize, condemn or complain.

In my research, I found that the poor people in my study were filled with criticism and condemnation of their boss, co-workers, spouse, family, friends and rich people in general. They also complained about their lot in life. They complained about their jobs. They complained about their poor parents. They complained about the poor neighborhood they were raised in. The complained about the economy, politicians, government.

I did not enjoy interviewing the poor people. They brought me down with their negativity.

Conversely, the self-made millionaires in my study were swimming in positivity. They were upbeat, optimistic and enthusiastic about life. I heard little to no criticism, condemnation or complaining in my interviews of those self-made millionaires. And, consequently, I very much enjoyed interviewing them.

When you take a look at the individuals inside your social circle, who are the ones you like hanging around with? If they constantly criticize, condemn and complain, stop associating with them, as they will infect you with their negativity.

Tom Corley is an accountant, financial planner and author of “Rich Kids: How to Raise Our Children to Be Happy and Successful in Life”, Effort-Less Wealth, Change Your Habits Change Your Life, Rich Habits Poor Habits and “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals.”