Don’t Major in Minor Things

Rich Habits
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Time is the most valuable resource we have. Not wealth. Not people. Not knowledge. Not skill. Time.

What makes Time so valuable is that is can never increase. You can increase your wealth. You can increase the number of your relationships. You can increase your knowledge and you can increase your skill-set.

Time only decreases.

We often don’t pay much attention to time, until we reach our mid-fifties and realize there is not much time left.

When you think of time as the most valuable resource you have, it changes your mindset. Becoming self-aware of how you spend your time and who you spend your time with, is critical to understanding if you are making good use of your time.

Are you Investing or Spending your time?

Investing your time means you are investing you yourself and your future. Investing time is all about growth – growth in knowledge, skills, valued relationships, priorities.

Spending your time means you are wasting it on things that add no value to your life.

When you think of time, think of the 80/20 Rule.

Where does 80% of your time go?

That 80% should be devoted to things that create the life you desire – your ideal, perfect, future life.

What does your ideal, perfect, future life look like?

When you have a clear vision of the life you desire, you’ll be more prudent in how you use the limited amount of time you have.