Don’t Run Away From Rejection – Pursue It. Two Simple Strategies to Deal With Rejection

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The “NEXT” Strategy

Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen were struggling to get exposure for their book Chicken Soup of the Soul. Jack tells the story about how each rejection would weigh him down emotionally. In an effort to help Jack overcome the negative emotional side effect of rejection, Mark told Jack to say “Next” every time they got rejected. This strategy shifts your thinking. Instead of focusing on the rejection it shifts your thinking to the next opportunity.

The “Rejection Goal” Strategy

Another way to overcome the negative emotions associated with rejection is to pursue rejection, as if it were a daily goal.

Example – You’re a Salesperson. Every day you set a daily goal of “achieving” ten rejections. Your goal is to essentially seek to be rejected ten times every day. This flips the emotion of rejection on its head from negative to positive.

The pursuit of success is mostly about persistence. You can’t let rejection stop you in your tracks. It will if you react negatively to rejections.

That’s the wrong approach. Rejections are a good thing.

Those who pursue and achieve success experience rejection, learn what they can from it, and then move on.

Those who quit on themselves, have not mastered the art of embracing rejection as part of the success journey.

Rejection is good – the more the better. Pursue rejection every day.


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  1. Nicholas Harper on December 4, 2020 at 3:03 PM

    This was an EXCELLENT piece that I truly needed to read. Thanks for sharing!