Don’t Waste Your Time on Exploiters

Rich Habits
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One of the common Rich Habits among the successful people in my Rich Habits Study was the habit of being responsive. Being responsive means not ignoring those who matter to you. The key phrase here is those who matter to you.

Because it’s impossible to be responsive to everyone, how do you know who deserves your attention?

The individuals who deserve your attention and responsiveness are those individuals who have proven their willingness to help you in the pursuit of your dreams and goals by repeatedly giving you, free of charge, their knowledge and/or skills, whenever needed.

As you pursue a dream, you will meet many new people. Some will be people who have your best interest at heart and deserve your attention, and some will be individuals who intend on exploiting you.

The problem with respect to Exploiters, is that they often like to go fishing for individuals who are pursuing some dream. They know these individuals are ripe for the picking because they are often in search of anyone who can open doors for them or help move them forward in the realization of their dreams and achievement of their goals.

Unfortunately Exploiters have no intention or ability in helping you realize your dreams or achieve your goals. Their intent is to separate you from your time and money. They do this by feeding into your desire and your passion to realize your dreams.

Exploiters are typically strangers who somehow find out about what you’re trying to accomplish and immediately “sell you” on their ability to help you succeed in what you are doing. Shortly after their sales pitch, when they believe they have their fish on the hook, Exploiters will show their hand and offer you their “expertise” in exchange for your time and money.

Be responsive to those who matter and ignore those who only seek to exploit you and your dreams/goals. When you are pursuing dreams and goals, time and money are your most precious commodities.

Don’t waist that time and money on Exploiters.