Everyone is Afraid

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Fear, whether conscious or subconscious, holds most back in life. It’s very much like a boat’s mooring lines, tethering you to the dock, preventing you from venturing too far.

The key to overcoming fear is to lean in just a little, to loosen those mooring lines a little every day, permitting you to venture a little bit further.

Leaning in allows you to face your fear incrementally, day by day, bit by bit, until your confidence grows to the point when you are able to cut those lines and free yourself from your fear.

In short, overcoming fear is a baby-step process. With each step, you grow just a little. That incremental growth is very much like lifting weights to build muscle. But, instead of muscle, you are building confidence. It takes time, but eventually it transforms you.

The more baby-steps you take, the more confidence you gain.

Make a list of your top five biggest fears. Each day take on just one of those fears by doing something small that forces you to face that fear. Any fear can be overcome if you just take baby-steps, every day.

This Baby Step process to overcoming your fears, is a Rich Habit. Over time facing your fears will become a habit. And, as your confidence grows, fear loses its power over you.


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