Everyone Is Born Lucky. Your Very Existence is All the Proof You Need

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Dr. Ali Binazir, author of the Tao of Dating, estimates that the odds of you existing are one in four quadrillion. He makes a very impressive, analytical argument in arriving at that number in his piece Are You a Miracle?. It’s a great piece, but to save you time here’s the short of it.

Humans have been around for about 3 million years, or 150,000 generations. The odds of your ancestors surviving those 150,000 generations are staggering. The odds of your parents meeting, staggering. The odds of that one unique sperm cell meeting that one unique egg cell, staggering.

In short, you are a miracle just by virtue of being alive.

You are an impossibility, yet here you are.

Despite the fact that your existence defies impossibility, so many live their lives downing in impossibility.

Rather than embracing the notion that your mere existence is proof that anything is possible, the average Joe sees impossibility everywhere. They view their lives through the lens of impossibilities, allowing limiting, negative beliefs to anchor them to lives of mediocrity.

What a shame.

When you consider the near impossibility of you being alive, it leaves no doubt that everyone who is alive, was born lucky.

The very fact that you exist, means you’re lucky.

It also means your very existence is a gift. You have been given a very rare opportunity to exist, which means you have been given the opportunity to make that life meaningful. You are clearly here on earth to do something with that gift of life.

Knowing you should not even be alive, that your existence defies the laws of probability, is all the evidence you need that anything is possible.

You can realize those dreams. You can achieve those goals. You can become successful. You can become rich. The life of your dreams is not impossible.

Why? Because your very existence means that you were born lucky.

Be grateful for the opportunity life has given you. Stop thinking it’s Impossible and start thinking “I’m Lucky to be alive and therefore anything is possible.”

Go after your dreams. Pursue your goals. Never quit on them. You’re here and, statistically, you shouldn’t be. That means all is possible, because Lady Luck is on your side. 



  1. Ani on January 18, 2022 at 9:43 AM

    Thank you for this reminder. I had forgotten!