Expect Failure and Fear Losses Its Power Over You

Rich Habits
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“Inaction breeds doubts and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage.” Dale Carnegie

One of the biggest things holding people back from the pursuit of success is the fact that they fear failure. This fear of failure causes them to second-guess every move they make. It causes them to overthink everything. It causes them to delay in taking action.

Overthinking and Procrastination is born out of this fear of failure.

Those who succeed in life do not think they will fail, they know it – they know their journey to success will be riddled with failures and mistakes.

In short – They Expect to Fail.

When you expect to fail, fear loses all of its power over you.

When you no longer fear failure, you will feel empowered to take action. You will screw up, make mistakes and fail often. But you will learn from your mistakes and failures, and as you learn, you will grow and improve. This growth will cause you to gain confidence and this confidence will empower you to take even more action.