Fitting In Only Leads to Mediocrity

Rich Habits
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“You can change the world or you can worry about fitting in, but you can’t do both.” – Robin Sharma

If you study millionaires and billionaires as I do, you’d find that the one common characteristic they all seem to share is a desire to do something that separates themselves from everyone else. They seek to differentiate themselves from others in some way.

It might be doing something unique in their field – developing a niche.

It might be pushing the envelope in their careers by taking on higher-risk responsibilities or projects.

Or it might be learning a new skill that can help them become more valuable down the road.

Successful people fight the urge to fit in. Fitting in will only make you as successful as the person standing next to you, doing the same thing. Those who excel in life take paths that others won’t take. They take risks others avoid. They do things others are not doing that enable them to grow their knowledge and improve their skills.

There is nothing special to be gained by fitting in. Those who seek to fit in, rise and fall along with their particular herd.

Those who refuse to fit in, the Outliers, change the world.

Be different. Don’t be like everyone else. Being like everyone else will only lead to mediocrity.