Goals and Dreams Fire Up Your Brain Cells

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Your brain is exposed to 11 million bits of information per second. Unfortunately, the brain can only process 40 bits of information per second.

So, how does the brain decide which 40 bits to process?

There are thousands of neuro-receptors on each brain cell. Each neuro-receptor is locked and can only be opened by a specific key, or neurotransmitter.

The 40 bits of information that are permitted to flow into those brain cells will be dictated by two things:

  1. Your mental outlook (positive or negative) and
  2. Those things that are, at the moment, most important to you.

Your mental outlook, and the things that are most important to you, like goals and dreams, will cause your brain cells to produce certain neurotransmitters. When those neurotransmitters locate the right neuro-receptors, the brain cells containing those neuro-receptors, unlock and allow the neurotransmitters inside.

When you have a positive mental outlook, the external environmental bits of information that will be allowed into your brain cells will be information that helps brain cells that are dedicated to maintaining and growing your optimism, happiness, enthusiasm, confidence or any other positive thought.

Your brain cells will also allow in external environmental information, those 40 bits of information, that are directly related to things that are very important to you, such as goals and dreams.

If you are pursuing dreams and goals, the 40 bits of information allowed in could be information that leads to aha moments, like-minded people that will help you realize/achieve your dreams/goals or any information that will advance you in your progress towards realizing/achieving your dreams/goals.

Thoughts are catalysts for creating your reality. They create the neuro-chemical reactions that help you build the life of your dreams. Make sure those thoughts are positive and directed towards pursuing some dream or goal.

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  1. Diane on August 26, 2021 at 10:05 AM

    I needed this reminder! Thank you!

  2. Davene Meehan on August 26, 2021 at 1:22 PM

    Processing–Kabul attack, lunch with long time friend have not seen in months, painting my daughter’s family, back still hurting a bit, did I just get a phishing email from bank, have been up 5 hours and haven’t eaten, husband, dad… Positive, positive, positive….And then there are those good habit reminders. Thank you.

    • Cher Lindberg on August 27, 2021 at 7:13 AM

      This was very timely for me. I was depressed all summer long, feeling useless and without any purpose. I snapped out of it a week ago and now am fired up, creating and accomplishing small goals for myself. I had no idea that this simple act of setting goals and completing them was affecting my brain so much!

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