Habits Are Contagious

Rich Habits

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In a peer-reviewed long-term Study by Nicholas Christakis and colleagues from the Dept. of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School, the researchers studied the data of 12,067 individuals who were part of the famous Framingham Heart Study – the Framingham data was gathered over a thirty-two year period beginning in 1971 and continued with the children of the 12,067 individuals in the Study.

The researchers were trying to get a better understanding of obesity. Ironically, however, they fell into a Rabbit Hole that involved habits and made the following discoveries:

  • Behavioral Traits spread like a virus throughout your Social Networks
  • Mutual Friends are the Greatest Influence over your Habits
  • If the majority of your Inner Circle of friends are obese, you will have a 57% chance of becoming obese
  • If the majority of your Inner Circle of friends were lean and healthy, you will likely also be lean and healthy
  • Habits are a Social Contagion that spreads out from your Inner Circle – the habits of your Inner Circle of friends will become Your Habits

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