Here’s What You Will Experience When You Pursue a Dream

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Pursuing a dream is not easy. It’s actually very hard. And there are many emotions you will experience – some bad and some good. It’s important to know that those emotions and challenges are common to almost every Dreamer/Entrepreneur. When you understand that what you are going through is not unique, but actually commonplace, then you won’t be so quick to quit on your dream.

What are the emotions/challenges/experiences you will face?

  • You Feel Uncomfortable – Each dream takes you outside your comfort zone. It makes you feel uncomfortable. Dreams force you to change and grow and that change/growth is very uncomfortable, at least in the beginning. Dreams force you to step outside your comfort zone and that feeling of discomfort is normal.
  • You Feel Awkward – Each dream forces you to learn new things. In the beginning, you are a novice. New knowledge, new skills don’t come easy. You will feel awkward at first, until you become more knowledgeable or until you master your new skills. So, feeling awkward is normal.
  • You Experience Ah Ha Moments – Pursuing dreams means you will struggle. Obstacles, pitfalls, mistakes and temporary setbacks will be your partners along the path towards realizing your dream. But it is those struggles, obstacles, pitfalls, mistakes and setbacks that reveal the ah ha moments – the inspired genius inside each one of us that reveals solutions that enable us to overcome the adversity we face. Ah Ha moments are commonplace and one of the most exhilarating emotions you will experience during the pursuit of your dream.
  • You Will Feel Frustrated – Frustration accompanies action. When things do not go your way, you get frustrated. Dreams cause frustration. In that frustration you grow. You figure things out. Growth is frustrating.
  • You Get Angry – You will get angry for not knowing something or for making a mistake. It’s just part of the Growth process while pursuing a dream.
  • You Get Happy – When things go right, it’s exhilarating, like the Ah Ha moments. When you succeed or overcome some problem/obstacle, you will feel momentarily happy.
  • You Will Feel The Flow – When you persist in the pursuit of your dreams, there will be moments when you find yourself in the flow. This is when your level of focus is so intense, time flies by. All Dreamers/Entrepreneurs experience flow at some point during their journey and this flow is another one of those exhilarating emotions you will experience.
  • You Will Become Obsessed – You will find your self thinking about your dream 24/7. You will become obsessed about reading and learning new information related to your dream. You will become a sponge – relentlessly scouring the universe for more and more information. This obsession forces you to grow and learn. It also empowers you. Obsession causes persistence, a common trait among all successful Dreamers/Entrepreneurs.
  • You Will Get Lucky – Those who persist and never quit on their dream eventually get lucky. I call this luck Opportunity Luck – your persistence creates the Opportunity for Good Luck to occur. Opportunity Luck is common among all successful Dreamers/Entrepreneurs. Good Luck eventually visits the persistent.



  1. Sam S Pittsburgh on June 25, 2021 at 8:29 AM

    Great message.

  2. Diane on June 25, 2021 at 9:07 AM

    “Good Luck eventually visits the persistent.”! Love this!