High Achievers Are Habit Machines

Rich Habits
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Cher, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, Madonna, Matthew McConaughey, Kelly Ripa, President Obama, Michael Corbat (CEO Citigroup), Condoleeza Rice (former NSA Director) all have one thing in common: they are obsessed with habits.

High achievers are routine-focused.

Each of these individuals begins their day with 30-60 minutes of exercise. And, it turns out, exercise helps you forge other success habits.

Certain habits, such as daily exercise, helps build willpower muscles. The more willpower you have, the better able you are to stick to good habits.

If you want to become a habit machine, start your day off with some form of exercise. This one Keystone Habit will carry that discipline over to your workplace and give you the willpower to stick to success habits that will help you become a high achiever.